AKBingo 9th June Summary

12 06 2010

This episode continues from last week with the boxing Kameda brothers still in the studio picking their favorite oshimen. There’s a recap of what went down in the previous episode.

Kiyoshi acts in another skit after the one he did with Tomochin, Lovetan and Kojima. In this skit, Kiyoshi imitates one of the brothers arriving backstage after a match with an admirer waiting for him. The three members in this skit is Acchan, Akicha and Yuko Oshima. Maeda gives him some flowers and said something I didn’t understand, Akicha presents him a sword then insults him before giving him a pair of underpants and insulting him again – I heard Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name being mentioned. Akicha’s skit was pretty funny. Yuko’s present was a box containing an offer for marriage I think.

It’s time for the boxers to pick their oshimen from the 6 participants in the skit. Acchan and Tomochin are picked. Kojima is insulted!!

The next segment is a cooking challenge with Miichan acting as a reporter. There are 2 teams of 3 members: Team Mariko – Mariko, Acchan and Erepyon, Team Sayaka – Sayaka, Kuramochi and Sasshi. I’m not sure the name of the dishes they have to cook but Team Sayaka cook a hamburger containing tofu.

Whilst the cooking is taking place, various members including a cute looking SKE48 RS ask the boxers some questions. After the cooking is over, the meals are presented to the boxers for them to have a taste and pick which one’s the best. It’s hard to say whether they didn’t want to upset anybody but they said they loved both meals. A young girl is brought in (a relation to the brothers I assume?) and starts to cry when she gets overwhelmed in being in front of her idols. Sayaka tries to make her feel better by cracking a joke but it gets no reaction. The girl looks like a deer in front some headlights!! The decision has been made into who their oshimen for this challenge is and it’s Sayaka and Acchan.

There’s a live performance from the AKB Theater by Team A of Ponytail to Shushu before the boxers decides their ultimate winner from the 6 oshimen chosen so far……….and it’s Acchan who gets their vote as the overall champion.

That ends this week’s episode. Next week’s one looks to be an announcing challenge in difficult conditions. Takamina is set to try and announce in front of a wind machine with various objects flying in her face!!



One response

13 06 2010

The gift that Acchan gave (to boxer Kiyoto) was a cooking recipe (not sure exactly what it is), and the little girl is actually the Kamedas little sister Himeki, a teen fashion model and huge Acchan fan,hence her crying and giving the belt to Acchan. Sayaka’s joke was trying to get Himeki to try her dish (by pretending her nickname was also “Acchan”).

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