SDN48 Suppon no Onnatachi Episode 2 Summary

13 06 2010

The 2nd episode of SDN48’s show finds Yukarin, Nonti and Shofukutei Shohei outside on location talking about this week’s challenge which is kinda similar to last week’s one. They’ll try to get a feature in the Weekly Playboy magazine with 3 lucky members getting a chance hopefully to grace it’s pages. The members chosen are Meetan who does a sexy pose for the camera, Serina and Chen Qu.

They go to the Weekly Playboy building and corner a gentleman who works for the magazine (I don’t think he was the editor) and try and convince him that one of the three SDN48 members they’ve brought along today should have a feature. To do this they have to do a PR exercise to the 2 gentlemen who will pick the lucky woman. Chen Qu fits inside a suitcase and has it zipped up, Serina makes a drawing of one of the men and Meetan does an energetic sexy dance for them – hell on this evidence Meetan would be the clear winner there and then!!!

But that’s not all they have to do – the 3 woman strip off to reveal they’re wearing a swimsuit/bikini underneath. Out of the three Meetan again stood out as one of the men had her kneel right opposite him in her gold colored bikini to give him a good eyeful of her breasts!!!

In the end though the men decide that picking 1 winner isn’t fair so all 3 will be in the feature! There’s a small chat between the 5 SDN48 members at the end before a song from their latest stage closes out the show. As much as I liked Serina and Chen Qu, Meetan was incredibly hot in this week’s show.

I’m hoping that CinDy gets a chance to appear on the show very soon.



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