Shukan AKB 11th June Summary

14 06 2010

The show opens with the Ponytail to Shushu PV and clips of what’s to come from this episode.

We’re in a children’s playground as Takamina introduces the show with 9 other members. Speedwagon are nowhere to be seen but the perverted tongue man (no idea what his name is?) who’s tormented the girls over the years is with them in a ringmaster’s outfit. Today’s show is a chance for 3 members to conquer something they’re not good at or don’t like.

First up is Kitarie. She has to flip herself 360 degrees using a metal horizontal bar (called saka-agari in Japan) in the park. I’m guessing she’s tried this many times before but has failed. Even now she’s not getting anywhere in flipping herself over. Lovetan has a fear of insects and Tongue Man has a small transparent box containing some woodlice which freaks out Lovetan. Her challenge is to touch one of them. Back to Kitarie’s challenge and Mocchi shows her how to do it properly and the technique she should use but still Kitarie can’t seem to nail it and in the end gets some help from some of the girls.

Lovetan meanwhile has Sasshi, Sumire, Mayuyu and Mikapon in helping her with her challenge. Sasshi and Mikapon have no fears in putting woodlice on their hands but you can see that Lovetan is keeping well clear! This only encourages Mikapon to start chasing Lovetan around the park with a woodlouse in her hand!!! To help Kitarie, they give her a curved ramp which should propel her over the bar. Acchan has a go and does it succesfully albeit on the 2nd attempt. Even with the ramp, Kitarie is still struggling but finally she gets it right and flips herself over twice.

Tongue Man is sitting with Lovetan and the other 4 girls on a blue tarp with a selection of insect cards laid down. I wasn’t really sure what was going on here but I’m guessing that Tongue Man was giving a short description of an insect and a member had to guess which insect card it matched? The crunch of the matter is can Lovetan take a woodlouse in her hand without panicking and the answer is no! She tried but couldn’t do it. She even starts to cry and best friend Mayuyu comforts her.

Kitarie is now trying to flip herself over the bar without the aid of the curved ramp. She can’t do it and is getting a little bit frustrated. The others are encouraging her but it’s not enough and she gives up.

In a kitchen somewhere with a bunch of members, we see that Yukirin has a problem with eating celery. She dislikes the taste. She tries a tiny bite but she doesn’t like it. Enter Acchan to show her how delicious a celery stick is to her. The Reaction Queen is surprised how easy it is for Acchan to eat celery. The next stage is to try and put some celery in some dips to see if this will help Yukirin. First up is some mayonnaise which doesn’t do anything, next is soy sauce – again this is a no-no for Yukirin and finally with some yoghurt as she loves yoghurt but this doesn’t work either. So Mariko unveils Plan B which is to introduce a female chef who is going to help Yukirin make a soup containing celery and yoghurt amongst other stuff that hopefully she’ll enjoy eating. Yukirin does all the preparing and cooking of the ingredients all under the watchful eye of the chef. She’s a great little cook is Yukirin! The white colored soup is ready to be eaten but will Yukirin like it? Well actually she does and it looks like she enjoys eating celery now. She even takes a bite from a stick of celery. This conquest is a success!!

With the main segment over, we’ve some promos of Acchan plugging her newest PB and the new Shukan AKB DVD which includes the swimming pool episodes they did a while back. Cue a close-up shot of Kojima’s breasts from the camerman! Fanservice for all the viewers at home!

There’s a preview of upcoming episodes of the show which contains a continuation of this week’s episode with Tongue Man, Takamina/Kojima babysitting, girls talk with Acchan, Sayaka and Jurina, haunted house and an outside batsu game. Shukan AKB is going to great in the next month.

And it’s here that the show ends. I enjoyed it and seeing Lovetan being scared of woodlice was funny.



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