AKBingo 16th June Summary

18 06 2010

This week’s AKBingo focuses on the girls learning the techniques on how to be a TV announcer/reporter. Joining the Bad Boys is a NNN announcer called Fuji.

The first exercise he gives them is how to pronounce a tongue-twister properly. Yuko tries but fails but she was funny though. Next to try is Mariko but she also fails! Fuji then shows them how it’s done and says it without any mistakes. Sayaka decides to give it a go and gets it right. Go Super Sayaka!

Fuji then picks on Akicha on how to introduce herself but gets scolded for introducing herself as she would on stage and in a quiet voice. Fuji gives each girls a chopstick for them to put in their mouths and then to practice saying some lines and they had to push their stomachs too. This gives power to give a clear commanding voice.  Akicha is asked again to introduce herself but he’s tells her again to do it properly. He tell her to do it like him “Watashi wa Takajo desu” in a loud clear voice. The other girls copy him!!

It’s now time to do a little sports commentary and the footage used is a 1993 Kirin Cup soccer match between Japan and the USA. Acchan does the commentary as we see Japan score a goal but she isn’t very enthusiastic about it. Fuji rates Acchan 20/100. He explains how to do sports commentary properly. Yuko is given a chance at providing commentary for the same footage. She’ll do better as she likes soccer. Her commentary is hilarious and Takamina is in stitches. She gets 60/100!

Next up is VTR footage of an Akita dog doing some tightrope walking between two trees and it’s Sayaka who has to do the commentary for this. Fuji is impressed by Sayaka and gives her 80/100 but he stresses the importance of highlighting the tension of the situation so we get Takamina attempting the commentary. She does very well but says something stupid at the end that makes the other girls laugh! She still got praised though and received 85/100! Yay for Takamina!

There’s a preview from next week of Acchan as a newscaster and Takamina doing a weather report in front of a large fan blowing paper and clothes onto her face!

This week’s Phrase Museum is between Tomochin and Miichan. Tomochin wins and Miichan looks a bit pissed.

There’s an announcement about the Senbatsu Election with clips of the speeches made by Acchan and Yuko.

Now this I wasn’t expecting – AKB48 don the costumes they wear for the Kagome drink CM and perform the song used in it as the Yasai Sisters.Very cool!

Next week sees two mascots have a sumo fight. I’ve noticed these characters when I’ve been in Japan but can’t for the life of me remember their names. Anybody care to help me out? This episode wasn’t the best I’ve seen and the programme makers seem to have gone backwards in the last 3 episodes. I hope AKBingo improves. My eyes were constantly drawn to Harugon in the back row in this show – she was utterly adorable and cute.



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