SDN48 Suppon no Onnatachi Episode 3 Summary

20 06 2010

Episode 3 of SDN48’s TV show opens with the host commenting on Nonti and Sato’s shoes.

The 3 SDN48 members taking part in this week’s challenge which is promote the idol group on a radio station is CinDy (finally she’s on the show and she looks great), Sayaka Kondo and the plain looking Reiko Nishikunihara. I’m not sure the name of the company they were visiting on this show. In the same format as the past 2 episodes, the 3 members have to do a little PR in front of the company’s main man.

CinDy feeds him some cake which he likes, Sayaka speaks English (well she did move to Detroit whilst she was a child and graduated in a high school there before moving back to Japan) and Reiko tries to sing like a Japanese Susan Boyle before all 3 girls do some PR together. All 3 get to do a radio interview in the end.

The show finishes with a clip of SDN48 performing a stage song. The programme makers better change the content of the show if they don’t want things to get stale quickly. They just can’t go on visiting a company each week doing the same old crap. Last week’s show was great as they had Meetan to liven it up but this one was just plain dull and boring. The only good thing about it was the appearance of CinDy. We’ll see if things improve in Episode 4.



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