AKB48 Kenkyuusei Selection Axe Is Wielded

21 06 2010

Last week the AKB48 RS were given a test that would determine their future in the group. If a member did well they’d be given a stay of execution and allowed to continue as a RS with a chance in the future of being promoted to the ranks of AKB48 itself. The downside is if they didn’t do well enough then that would be it – they’d be fired immediately.

Today the all important results of the test came out and unfortunately 3 of the RS failed to make the grade and have been given the chop. Another member that passed the test decided to withdraw herself. The 4 members that are now gone are: Atsuki Ishiguro, Sara Fujimoto, Momoko Kinumoto and Eri Takamatsu.

This is the 2nd time that Sara Fujimoto has been fired from the RS so she must be feeling really bad about this. She also got the axe in January 2009 but somehow she managed to get back in but I think this is it for her now. There will be no third chance for her. Game over! There’s a bit of a story going on with Atsuki Ishiguro’s firing. Rumours floating around are saying that a picture of her with a possible boyfriend could be behind her firing but the official line is she wasn’t good enough to be selected. Even worse is Ishiguro was selected to be in the Under Girls for AKB48’s forthcoming new single. She was placed at no.40. It’s obvious now that somebody else will fill that position but I’m not sure who that member will be though. I just feel sorry for the fans that voted for her in the senbatsu election. Their votes will have all been for nothing.



One response

22 06 2010

how come there will be no third chance for her? i thought i read somewhere that yukarin auditioned 3 times?

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