Shibuya GAL’S – Yes, It’s Another New Idol Group!!

22 06 2010

It seems that everybody is now jumping on the idol group bandwagon hoping that it’ll lead to huge success like AKB48. The latest new group to appear will be a gyaru one called Shibuya GAL’S. The group will be produced and led by Yuma Takahashi  and Aina Tanaka who are both 21 years old. They’re models for the fashion magazine Egg and are releasing their debut music album this week.

Auditions for Shibuya GAL’S took place last month with 4,000 girls applying from across Japan. Yesterday 22 were selected to be in the group and by the end of the year Takahashi and Tanaka hope to have added another 24 to bring the total up to 48 members.



2 responses

26 08 2010

Yuma and Aina can sing, not sure about the others

24 12 2010

I really like gyaru group Juliet, they can really sing well

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