AKBingo 23rd June Summary

26 06 2010

This episode continues from last week in which a TV man called Fuji tries to show the girls how to do TV announcing/reporting. Clips from the previous episode are shown.

The first segment is how to become a newscaster and Fuji gives an example of doing it properly and how to read the autocue. Acchan is given an opportunity and she is shown behind a fake desk looking sweet in a powersuit and glasses. After she does her stint, Fuji says she only gets 40 marks and Acchan is not pleased with this. Then Mocchi has a go and she nails it achieving 85 marks. Mocchi was really good.

The funniest thing in this episode comes from the 2nd segment and that is how to do a weather report in extreme conditions. Kojima is given a rain mac and an umbrella and has to stand in front of a big fan. When the fan is switched on, she has to try and do a weather report. With papers flying all around her, she does her best but a green cloth flies straight into her face which stops her. Everybody in the studio is laughing and Kojima only gets 30 marks. Next up to try is Takamina. She starts off well but with the fan going full speed she just can’t say anything. The fan even forces Takamina off her feet and onto the floor. She was hilarious and Tomochin is crying tears of laughter in the studio. Fuji gives her 80 marks.

Finally there’s a sumo announcing lesson with 2 special mascots coming into the studio for a sumo match. I’m not sure who the mascots are but the girls were very excited about them. Miichan is given the reins to do the announcing but Fuji isn’t that impressed with her and gives 30 marks. This segment ends a bit abruptly with Fuji giving Takamina the MVP of the entire 2 episodes.

Phrasemuseum is between Acchan and Mariko. Acchan wins but as Kiyoshi is putting white paint on his brush, Mariko disappears from her frame and moves to be with Acchan in her frame. This confuses Kiyoshi but he turns around to see both girls trying to pull down the blind to their frame. Kiyoshi decides to go to the back and chase Mariko. He catches her eventually and she gets her face painted.

Mayuyu and Yuko are in the editing suite backstage of AKBingo in their Yasai Sisters costume talking to the man that does the BGM of the show. I’m sure he said he liked Tomochin in her vegetable costume. They give him a Kagome drink at the end of their chat.

To end the show, Watarirouka’s PV to their new single Seishun no Flag is shown.

Nex week sees the return of Shojiki Shouji between Acchan and Tomochin.



One response

27 06 2010

Thx for the summary.
In Phrase museum it’s funny how Mariko slides away from her frame.
YAY!!! Takamina for being MVP

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