Shukan AKB 25th June Summary

27 06 2010

I missed out on doing the summary to last week’s show due to lack of time. This week we’re back in the studio with Speedwagon and onto the continuing personal challenges given to various members of AKB48. They have 90 minutes of practice before doing their challenge in the studio.

The first challenge is between both Miichan and Chiyuu. Now I don’t know what the thing they have to do is called but it involves a rope and they have to pass the object from one rope to the other without dropping it. Their teachers for this challenge are two males who are experts. In the studio corridors both girls are shown exercises on how to perfect the technique. It takes a little bit of time for them to get things right individually but on their first attempt together in practice everything comes together perfectly. Subsequent attempts though end in failure. Can they nail it in front of Speedwagon and the rest of the girls in the studio? And the answer is yes they can. They did it perfectly although the pass back to Miichan by Chiyuu was a little bit wayward but luckily Miichan managed to catch the object with her rope so this was a success.

Lovetan gets a golf challenge to do. She has to putt a ball over 2.5m into a makeshift hole using one of these putting practice games you can buy in shops. Her teacher is surprisingly enough the referee for the whole episode. Earlier attempts at putting the ball in the hole isn’t good but it doesn’t take her long to manage to putt the ball in the hole a few times. With her teacher away, Lovetan thinking that she’ll be OK for the challenge sneaks off to goof about with Sasshi and send messages on her keitai. She is caught out by her teacher. Back in the studio, she’ll get 3 chances of holing the ball. On her first attempt she putts with too much force, 2nd attempt is off course and the 3rd also ends in total failure so Lovetan doesn’t succeed with her challenge. I don’t think she was too bothered!

The 3rd and final challenge of this episode is with the adorable SKE48 member Kumi Yagami who has to remember 30 breed names of dogs by looking at pictures. She gets a little bit bored studying the names and plays about with a small blue ball and she does struggle with pronouncing one breed name in particular – the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. But there was nothing to worry about as Kumi gets all of them right in the studio with no problem even the very last one which was the Corgi one. Well done Kumi!

It’s onto the One Phrase Theater with Tongue Man and 10 girls. Each girl is given a situation and they have to answer back with a witty response. As I didn’t understand any of the situations, I’ll just say who took part: Sayaka, Lovetan, Tomochin, Rena Matsui, Ayaka Umeda and Acchan.

Apart from one tiny bit of news, that was it for this week’s episode.



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