AKBingo 30th June Summary

3 07 2010

We’re back with 2 Shojiki Shouji segments in this week’s episode. First up is Acchan vs Tomochin.

Q.1 Something to do with food. Tomochin loses
Q.2 Variety and drama. Acchan beats the lying machine to go 1-0 up
Q.3 I think the question was about Tomochin doing a cute face everytime a camera is on her. She loses anyway!
Q.4 Something about Takamina. Acchan loses.
Q.5 Tomochin wins this one.
Q.6 Something to do with The Bad Boys. Acchan loses so that’s 3 in a row for Tomochin now. The scores are tied at 2-2 so it’s all down to the deciding question.
Q.7 Tomochin fails to beat the machine therefore Acchan wins the contest!

The 2nd Shojiki Shouji contest is between Kojima and Myao.

Q.1 Myao beats the machine.
Q.2 This was about the tablecloth challenge that Kojima did a little while back. Kojima doesn’t beat the machine so Myao goes 1-0 up.
Q.3 A question about the AD of the show. Kojima wins.
Q.4 Myao wins this one.
Q.5 Kojima win and the scores are tied exactly as the previous contest on 2-2 so it’s onto the decider
Q.6 Kojima fails so it’s Myao that wins this one.

We have another Yasai Sisters segment and this week it’s Takamina (cabbage) and Acchan (tomato) that are snooping around in the AKBingo staff room which is an absolute mess. Looks like they’ve got no room to store their items so things are everywhere there. Sleeping soundly on 2 chairs is the show’s AD. Both girls decide to play a trick on him so they take off one of his socks and take a sniff of it. It stinks and this makes them laugh. Takamina places the sock on the AD’s face thinking that it’ll wake him up – it doesn’t! He just swipes the sock off his face with his hand and continues sleeping! Both girls are laughing hard now. Eventually though he does wake up and both girls give him a Kagome vegetable drink.

AKB News – there’s an announcement about some food that’s being sold in the shops (wasn’t really sure what they were going on about here) plus they mention the RS auditions that are coming up soon and mention that Watarirouka Hashiritai’s single is out.

To close the show out we have the PV to SKE48’s new single Gomen ne Summer.

There’s a very brief preview of AKB48 new TV show AKB600sec and clips from next week’s show and that is it.



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