Shukan AKB Summary 2nd July

5 07 2010

Mayuyu and Lovetan introduce the focus of today’s episode: Takamina and Kojima. They are to babysit a toddler at seperate locations but before going to wherever the kids are living they are given some advice by a woman who explains a little bit about what they should do.

Takamina is the first to arrive at the location of the child she’s looking after – a cute little girl called Aimi. Aimi doesn’t know at first how to react to Takamina. She asks Aimi’s mother some questions about what she likes to eat and what time she gets her food. Aimi’s mother leaves her child in Takamina’s capable hands!

Kojima arrives at her place to be confronted with a little boy named Tai. She goes through the same routine as Takamina in asking questions to the mother. The only difference with this child is he starts to cry a lot as his mother leaves the apartment. But Kojima manages to quieten him down with a damp cloth to his face and showing something on her keitai. Watching a video on her keitai seems to fascinate Tai. Afterwards Tai is playing with some toy blocks and doing some drawing. He seems content and happy with Kojima.

Back with Takamina and Aimi wants food! Takamina is seen making a heart shaped hamburger in the kitchen with some mince with Aimi quietly watching. As Takamina needs to add a few ingredients to the burger i.e food that Aimi doesn’t like she sends her away to play in the next room. She has to be careful that she’s not caught by her. Although Aimi does enter the kitchen and nearly catches Takamina chopping something she manages to conceal the food quite well and gets Aimi to go back and play. The end result is that Aimi loves Takamina’s burger which pleases her.

At Kojima’s location, she does a bento lunch for Tai and goes out for a walk outside with him to a kids playground. He goes on a swing and is full of energy. She has to be on her toes as he’s running off everywhere! Takamina also goes for a walk to a local shop with Aimi to buy some food supplies. Kojima and Tai are back in the apartment with Tai so knackered after his exploits in the playground that he has a little snooze with Kojima also sleeping next to him! She wakes him up afterwards so that he can eat his bento meal.

Takamina is playing with Aimi and a balloon when the doorbell rings. It’s Aimi’s mother so Takamina’s task is over. Tai is still eating his bento when his mother comes back. As Kojima is about to leave, Tai starts to cry but he calms down enough to give Kojima a peck on the cheek. Thus ends the segment. I thought both girls did extremely well in their task. I wonder though how they would have coped with 2 stroppy toddlers who are constantly crying and screaming?

The news of the week is that SKE48’s new single will be coming out next week and Tomochin, Acchan and Sae plug a range of takeaway foods coming out in 7/11 stores across Japan for the month of July. Each week, 2 food items such as a strawberry and whipped cream melon bun for this week will be introduced in the stores. These food have been chosen by AKB48 as items they think their fans would like to eat. An interesting idea. Seems that any damn company these days wants to cash in on the AKB48 cow! This finishes off the episode.



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