AKBingo 7th July Summary

9 07 2010

Today’s show involves a quiz between 2 teams of 5 members – the young team vs the old team. The quiz looks back at the history of AKB48 starting from the very beginning. Helping out Sata with hosting the quiz is Yuko. Kiyoshi has joined the young team and is wearing a schoolgirl’s uniform!! He looks funny in it!

A board has been created on a wall charting the idol group’s history in chronological order starting on 30/10/2005.  An advert by Aki-P appears signalling the start of auditions for AKB48 and Sata states we’re going to have a look at various audition photos. Takamina looks concerned! First we see Acchan. She seems to have a school uniform that’s a bit too big but she still looks cute. Next up is Kojima but the picture that surprised me the most was Takamina. God, she looked a right mess! Takamina is pretty embarrased and tries to hide the screen showing the picture.

The next important date in AKB48’s history is 3/11/05. It’s got something to do with their first dance lesson by their choreographer. Both teams are asked a question about this. I didn’t understand the question or the answer.

8/12/05 – the AKB48 Theater opens for business. Video clips are shown. Not many people were turning up to watch the girls performances at this time.

Another question is asked to the girls. On the 6/1/06 AKB48 released their first ever CD indie single – Sakura no Hanabiratachi. Yuko shows the CD cover. The members look so different now 4 and half years on.

26/2/06 – Team K auditions begin. Video clip audition footage showing Erepyon and Yuko. 11,892 girls came to the auditions.

That ends the main segment. The Yasai Sisters are back once more and this week’s it’s Kojima and Mariko as onion and broccoli who are handing out more Kagome vegetable drinks to people. They go to an anime/manga shop where a male worker there gets a drink and roam outside where many people including a little girl and her sleeping brother in a pram also get one.

There’s a reminder that SKE48’s new single is out today, a brief mention of the new unit French Kiss and that the new SetList album plus the DVD containing PV’s of their first couple of singles will be released very soon.

A brand new song from the SetList album is performed in the studio – Anata ga Ite Kureta Kasa and that ends the episode.

Next week is the continuation of AKB48’s history.



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