AKB48 19th Single – Janken Tournament To Decide Senbatsu

11 07 2010

As if doing all these gimmicks like a senbatsu election isn’t enough for Aki-P to throw on the fans comes the news that to decide the senbatsu members for AKB48’s 19th single which will be released sometime in December there’s going to be a janken tournament held at the Nippon Budokan on September 21st. The top 16 members will get to perform the single. The tournament is open to all 48 members plus an additional 4 kenkyuusei. It’s an interesting idea I’ll give it that and one that I would like to watch myself but what’s the reasoning behind it all. Does Aki-P like to torture these girls by creating these devious games to pit them against one another. He must enjoy watching them going through every emotion in the book. Doesn’t he realise they went through the wringer once during the election and now he wants to do it again with this tournament. What’s he going to think of next……throw them on an island and let them kill each other – the final 16 get to be senbatsu!!! I just wonder if Erepyon’s departure and this tournament will start a glut of graduations from AKB48……

UPDATE: Here’s the list below of the matchups that will happen on the 21st September:



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12 07 2010
Well, I guess that’s ONE way to do it… « International Wota

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