I Don’t Believe It – Erepyon To Graduate From AKB48!

11 07 2010

This piece of news has hit me like a ton of bricks but one of my favorite members from AKB48 – Team K’s Erena Ono has announced that she’s graduating from AKB48 sometime during the Summer (the exact date hasn’t been decided yet) to go and study acting overseas. I just never saw this coming at all. Apparently Erepyon whilst filming for her movie Triangle which is coming out soon realised that that she was very inexperienced in her acting so she wants to study abroad to improve and come back to Japan in the future to be an actress. Is that why her role in AKB48 lately has been downgraded – they knew she was going to leave so they wanted to give somebody else (Akicha for example) a chance to shine instead? Even though I’m very disappointed with this news, I can only wish Erepyon the very best of luck in her studying. I will definitely miss her. I wish I could visit Japan and be at her graduation concert.



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11 07 2010
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