AKBingo 14th July 2010 Summary

15 07 2010

This episode is a continuation from last week’s show pitting 2 teams of 5 against each other in a quiz about AKB48’s history. Please remember that I’m not that good at Japanese (still learning slowly) so there were some parts of the show that I just didn’t understand properly!

We start off where we left off at last week’s episode at 26/2/06 which was the start of Team K auditions. Then Tomomi Kasai, Sae and Sayaka are surprised when they show their audition photo to everybody. Footage from Team K’s 1st Stage at the AKB Theater are shown as well.

15/4/06 – something about Acchan?

7/6/06 – AKB48’s 2nd indie single Skirt Hirari is released. Footage from a TV appearance with both Team A and K are shown.

Yuko gives a question out to both teams about Skirt Hirari.

26/7/06 – this revolved around Sayaka but I’m not sure what?

22/8/06 – AKB48 Fan Club started.

25/10/06 – Aitakatta – AKB48’s first major single comes out.

Yuko and Sata bring out a piece of merchandise from 2006 – it’s a clock with a face showing Team A and it comes complete with some sound bytes by some members.

3 + 4/11/06 – 1st major concert by AKB48

There’s a question about the concert to both teams.

13/12/06 – Team B auditions started. 12,828 girls tried out. There’s video footage of Mayuyu, Lovetan and Yukirin auditioning.

31/1/07 – the group’s 2nd major single Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru was released

3/2/07 – not sure if this was about a PB or not?

8/4/07 – Team B make their theater debut

The show then rushes through the rest of their history: 18/4/07 – Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou CD release, 18/7/07 – Bingo! CD release, 8/8/07 – Boku no Taiyou, 31/10/07 – Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka? CD release, 23/1/08 – Romance, Irane CD release.

31/12/07 – they mention something about Manami Oku and Sayaka.

24/1/08 – AKB 0ji59fun (now renamed AKBingo) comes on air for the 1st time.

There’s a very brief mention that in 2009, River made it to no.1.

AKB48 News – this week sees the release of Defstar’s CD and DVD of AKB48’s early hits with some new songs. The Bad Boys drop in on No Sleeves with a challenge to Takamina. Both Kojima and Miichan have done challenges in the past when previous No Sleeves singles have been released and now it’s Takamina’s turn. They don’t say what the challenge is yet but I guess we’ll soon find out. AKB48 will be having a concert at the Tokyo Dome and they give a quick mention about the LA Expo. Some members also announce the name of their new single which comes out next month and that is it for this episode. It wasn’t a very good show to be honest.

Next week – Yuko vs Kitarie in Shojiki Shouji!



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17 07 2010

love AKB48

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