Shukan AKB 16th July 2010 Summary

17 07 2010

Takamina and Myao introduce Speedwagon in the studio. This week’s episode revolves around Sasshi, Lovetan and Kitarie with a challenge for them. Clips from a previous episode in which they had to do a challenge are shown. Tongue Man along with the 3 girls go to Yokohama’s Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. The object of their challenge is a thrilling ride called the Blue Fall which takes you up vertically 107 metres before dropping you at high speed for a couple of seconds! Tongue Man is forced by the girls to try out the ride first and of course he exaggerates a bit when the drop occurs.

Brave Kitarie is the first to volunteer to take the ride but she chickens out and changes her mind. However, Kitarie doesn’t want to do the ride alone so she takes a camerman and AKB48’s female stylist/make-up artist to take the ride with her. Kitarie seemed to enjoy the ride even though afterwards she’s shaking a little bit and can’t speak! Next up to go is Lovetan but she will only do it if she can do the same as Kitarie and that’s to take 2 camerman and the woman with her. Lovetan really loved the ride saying that it was fun. She had a big smile on her face.

It’s left to Sasshi to take the ride but she doesn’t want to go. She’s been apprehensive about it since the beginning which you can tell by looking at her body language. Tongue Man tries to reassure her that she can do it. It doesn’t help that as a reward for taking the challenge Lovetan and Kitarie are eating an ice cream right in front of her. Clips of Sasshi’s bungee jumping experience are shown. In the end, fear takes hold of her and Sasshi bottles out of the challenge so she has to do a punishment game instead.

We’re outside Shibuya’s Mark City in the evening and Sasshi is front of the shop’s entrance. Tongue Man, Lovetan and Kitarie are somewhere watching her on a monitor relaying instructions via an earpiece. Sasshi suddenly announces to the blissfully unaware people milling around outside the shop who she is and that she has to do a punishment game – put a rubber glove over her head, blow it up until it bursts! But on seeing that a small crowd has gathered to watch, Sasshi legs it out of there! She returns and does the same speil only to add a little bit extra when she sees a truck advertising Ponytail to Shushu. This time, she does the game. Only a small amount of people are watching her blowing up a glove over her head.

Shukan AKB News – Heavy Rotation is announced as the title for AKB48’s upcoming new single, a PV preview from Team Dragon’s new single is shown and more clips from the group’s LA Expo appearance.

Back in the studio and Kojima has to do a small challenge. 2 small clear plastic boxes taggedA and B are placed on a table. One contains a pineapple, the other has a large shrimp like creature. She has to put her hands in both boxes and identity what’s in them. What makes this difficult is that the rest of the girls are milking this for what it’s worth by making out that the box with the pineapple contains something far more horrible! Kojima doesn’t like the touch of the shrimp creature at first but does really well in even picking it up. She correctly identifies what it is and the pineapple too.

As we close out the show, clips are shown of the announcement of the janken tournament that’ll decide the senbatsu of AKB48’s 19th single. The matchups in this tournament are also shown including Erepyon’s shock graduation news. That’s it for this week’s show.



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