Yuko Oshima Dating Scandal?

21 07 2010

The latest rumour floating around, this time by Sports Hochi is that Yuko Oshima is dating WAT’s Eiji Wentz and they’ve been a couple for some months now. They’re basing their information on the fact that they both acted together in a dorama recently and that Wentz has been to the AKB48 Theater to see her perform and was even at AKB48’s Yoyogi concert. Both apparently seem to have some things in common. There seems to be no photographic evidence of the two together.

I really don’t think Yuko would jeopardise her position in AKB48 especially now that she’s going to be the centre focus of  their new single. Can’t male and females just be friends – it seems that whenever an idol is seen out with a male in public the gossip rags assume they’re a couple straight away without any substantial evidence. Take this rumour as a pinch of salt.

UPDATE: Yuko has updated her blog to say the rumours are false……then again I’d hardly expect her to confess on it that she was dating somebody!



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22 07 2010
Another Day…Another “Scandal”? « International Wota

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22 07 2010

Nothing is going to happen if there aren’t photos.

23 07 2010

Killer singer and dancer. Great in Aug. 22-23 2009 concert DVD, clearly the best one out there, supplanting even the great Takahashi or even Atsuko. So what if she likes boys?

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