AKBingo 21st July 2010 Summary

22 07 2010

The first segment begins with another round of Shojiki Shougi game – this time between Yuko and Kitarie with Kasai as a mediator.

Q1. Yuko picks no.2 for Kitarie. She beats the machine easily.
Q2. Kitarie picks no.3 for Yuko. It’s something about Kojima and Yuko fails. 1-0 to Kitarie.
Q3. Yuko picks no.3. It’s a statement about Sasshi and Kitarie fails. I loved the look on Sasshi’s face! Then Kasai butts in and says something which leaves everybody astounded!
Q4. Kitarie picks no.2. This was a statement about farting! Yuko is beaten again by the machine. It’s 2-1 on points to Kitarie.
Q5. Yuko picks no.4. At first Kitarie manages to do well until Yuko mentions Mayuyu and this makes Kitarie fail. The scores are tied at 2-2 so it’s down to the final question.
Q6. Kitarie picks no.4 for Yuko. She fails for the 3rd time and Kitarie wins the game by 3-2.

The next segment is a continuation from last week as The Bad Boys announced that Takamina is going to do a challenge for No Sleeves’ new single. We find out today what the challenge is all about. Early one morning, they blindfold Takamina and walk her down to a small theater to meet a man who does ‘Rakugo’. What is Rakugo I hear you say? Well Rakugo is a traditional Japanese way of storytelling. It involves one person sitting down and facing the audience who tells a long story using minimal props (it usually only involves a fan and one other item). The man she meets at the theater I’m sure has done something with ex-Morning Musume Kago Ai. He looks very familiar. Anyway, he’s a master at Rakugo. This is what Takamina has to do in front of a large crowd in a mall – tell a ‘Rakugo’ story! She has a quick go in telling a story just for the man and The Bad Boys. The only problem is it’s a little short but the man gives her some pointers on how to enhance her story. He gives her a script that she can perform and he seems impressed with Takamina’s effort. I don’t see this as being difficult for Takamina – she’ll breeze through this challenge.

News: Team Dragon’s Kokoro no Hane is out today (quick PV clip), 20th August will be the date for the first auditions for NMB48, an announcement about AKB48’s 17th single Heavy Rotation with some of the senbatsu members commenting on the sexy CD covers and to close out this week’s episode we have the Undergirls’ fantastic PV for the song Namida no Seesaw game. I adore the 60’s black & white feel for the PV and the look of the girls with the transition to color for the 2nd half of the song. As expected, Lovetan is center stage for the song. It’s a damn fine tune which I love very much.

Next week: Mayuyu vs Sasshi in Shojiki Shougi.



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