Shukan AKB 23rd July 2010 Summary

23 07 2010

Girls Talk II is the subject of this week’s episode with the chit-chat between members taking place in the Garden Cafe & Restaurant “Raphael” which is close to Shibuya.

The first to arrive in the place is Jurina Matsui who looks cool in her clothes. As she heads to the table allocated to the chat she isn’t sure where to sit – she think middle seat but eventually decides on the right hand side seat. I’m not sure if she’s used to dining in such a relatively posh place.

The 2nd member to land at Raphael is Sayaka Akimoto who’s in a nice summery dress. She elects to sit on the left hand side seat and the last member to turn up is Acchan in a short black leather coat and a short yellow one piece dress. She sits in the middle.

Now I have no idea what the three were blathering on about which makes these kind of episodes frustrating for me. I can pick up a word or two but that’s about it. They order some spaghetti to eat. All of a sudden a surprise guest turns up – Tomochin! They continued to talk amongst each other and I know that One Piece came into their conversation but for the majority of the time I didn’t have a clue what they were saying.

I really thought that Jurina might be overwhelmed being with her seniors but she looked at ease and completely relaxed in their company. It was annoying seeing the reflection of the camerman in the glass behind the talking members!

Shukan AKB News: the same announcement that was shown on AKBingo about their new single Heavy Rotation is shown.

To close the show, each member says something about the dinner and chat they had. It wasn’t a great episode to be honest, in fact I think these chats are dull and pointless. I’m hoping next week’s show will be an improvement.



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