AKB600SEC – Rino Sashihara Episode

29 07 2010

If your like myself then you’ve been glued to these AKB600SEC episodes which have been shown over the past month. Some have been good, others have been dull but last night’s one featuring Rino Sashihara was awesome. Sashihara is an ideal friend/boyfriend for wotas as she’s one herself. We all know about her doing the wotagei dance on an old episode of AKBingo. In Sasshi’s episode we see her with Mikapon going shopping around Ikebukuro. Whilst Mikapon can spend a long time looking at clothes, Sasshi looks incredibly bored. She’s the type of girl that knows what she wants before entering a shop so she doesn’t have to waste her time rummaging around clothes pegs. That wasn’t why this episode is so good though – it’s when she goes to the “MaiDreaming” maid cafe that the fun really begins. Sasshi really gets into the spirit of things here – joining in the silly games they do and doing her wotagei dance moves sitting down. Mikapon seems totally embarassed at what she has to do here (wear cute rabbit ears on her head!) and her face is priceless as she looks at Sasshi enjoying in her element. I love Sasshi, she would be so much fun to hang out with.

Take a look at her episode, it’s really worth checking out.



One response

30 07 2010

Whitout a doubt the best AKB 600″ episode of them all, Sasshi Rulez.

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