AKBingo 28th July 2010 Summary

29 07 2010

In a change from what was previewed last week, we’re in the studio for another round of Dodgeball Punishment! The teams are split into 2 teams of 6. The teams are:

White Team – Yuko, Kasai, Yukirin, Kojima, Sae and a new face to AKBingo – Team K’s Rumi Yonezawa.

Pink Team – Tomochin, Erepyon, Amina Sato, Takamina, Acchan and Miichan

The first out is Takamina. Her punishment involves her having to eat a large wasp or something that looks like one. The rest of the girls are squealing in disgust at her meal. Kiyoto plays a trick on Takamina making it look like they’re alive on the plate. She smacks him and gives him a good long hard stare and saying that it wasn’t cool at all!! She ate the ‘thing’ pretty well with no complaints.

The 2nd girl to be eliminated is Yukirin. A white powder is put inside a makeshift box with a circular hole in it. The powder is put in the box with the hole closed. The powder which turns to smoke apparently has a potent smell which is disgusting. The hole in the box is opened and Sata hits the side of the box hard sending a puff of smoke direct into Yukirin’s face. Her face tells it all – not a nice aroma at all. Sata has some fun in aiming some smoke in the rest of the girls faces making them scatter all over the studio floor!!

Miichan is the next to go out. She’s made to look like the character Kiyoto played in the news skits with Mariko last year on AKBingo – a drunken news announcer named Hosan complete with a tie around the head, glasses with red nose and cheeks. As Miichan is revelling in playing the fool, Kiyoto sneaks up behind her and smacks her on the head! Very funny!

The next out is Tomomi Kasai. She has to do her punishment outside the studios! She’s ordered to stand outside a coffee shop near some benches with numerous people sitting down and say “Koma desu”. What’s the meaning behind this? Two women sitting on a bench behind Kasai whilst she’s doing this strange routine is laughing a lot. Sata spots this and orders Kasai to turn around and do the routine again for the women. Kasai is so embarrased. One final humiliation for Kasai to do this “Koma desu” whilst turning 360 degrees. Poor Chiyuu! The girls in the studio are beside themselves with laughter.

The 5th girl taken out of the game is Erepyon. I still can’t get used to her new hairstyle. Kiyoto is acting like a retard tourist with a camera taking photos of Erepyon posing in front of a large touristy backdrop picture. Sata plonks her down on a white fluffy chair and spins her round 10 times before asking her to pose again afterwards. Erepyon crashes into the backdrop picture before attempting to pose but each time she falls over.

A football penalty kick batsu is on the cards for Rumi Yonesawa who’s eliminated. Kiyoto is acting like the penalty taker who has to flick a marshmallow? into Rumi’s mouth on the goal-line. He flicks it a bit too hard on his first go resulting in the marshmallow hitting Rumi direct on the nose. The 2nd go goes exactly the same as the first. Eventually he gets a marshmallow inside Rumi’s mouth!

Tomochin is the next out but she question the decision. Enter Shizuka Ooya as one of the judges who starts sniffing around Tomochin before saying OUT. This was great to watch. Tomochin has to endure her face being painted. She gets dressed like a clown complete with clothes and a pair of glasses and she gets to bang a small drum. Is this a Japanese character from an anime, manga or dorama?

The final punishment from this segment goes to Amina Sato. She has to eat a hot meal whilst being electrocuted. Sata finds it hilarious hearing Amina saying that it hurts to be shocked. As she’s about to put something in her mouth and knowing full well she’s going to get shocked she chucks the hot food item in Kiyoto’s face!

At the end of the game, it’s the White Team that prevails as Yuko, Kojima and Sae remain with Acchan the only survivor from the Pink Team. The MVP was Kasai for her antics outside the coffee shop!

Next up is Takamina’s progress with her rakugo training in which she has to be ready for the 3rd August No Sleeves event at the Blitz in Yokohama. There’s a lot for her to remember as she’s got a big script. She does a rehearsal in front of the entire AKBingo production team and they then give her their opinion on how she did. I don’t think they were that impressed which only piles more pressure on Takamina. The stress is starting to show with a few tears shed. I’m sure Takamina will be OK by the time the event comes around.

Finally, we have a brilliant PV for the song Lucky Seven which is off AKB48’s new CD single. It’s got a pirates theme with a pirate ship set. We only see the edited version of the PV. I really love the song.

This was such a fantastic episode with many funny bits in it. Next week we’ve got the Shojiki Shougi episode between Mayuyu and Sasshi which was advertised to be shown this week.



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30 07 2010

Tomochin’s punishment :

The thing that I liked the most about this episude was that we got to see a lot of the girls that usually don’t get much air time.

30 07 2010

Thank you so much for the link which explains the character Tomochin had to play for her punishment.

13 04 2012

where i can download this episode with eng sub? can you tell me? please.

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