AKBingo 4th August Summary

5 08 2010

This week’s episode of AKBingo starts off with Shojiki Shogi between Mayuyu and Sasshi who looks gorgeous in her pink outfit. As I didn’t really understand all that well the statements read out, I’ll quickly go through who won.

Q1. Mayu to Sasshi (no.6) – Sasshi beat the machine
Q2. Sasshi to Mayu (no.2) – Mayu failed to beat the machine. Sasshi goes 1-0 up.
Q3. Mayu to Sasshi (no.1) – I think Sasshi knew when the statement was read out that she would fail. Mayu win.
Q4. Sasshi to Mayu (no.3) – Sasshi wins to go 2-1 up.
Q5. Mayu to Sasshi (no.4) – this involved something about Sayaka. Mayu won to draw level at 2-2.
Q6. Sasshi to Mayu (no.1) – Mayu failed on all 3 statements including this one so Sasshi wins the game 3-2.

But this segment isn’t over yet as Mayu wanted to ask statement no.3 to Sasshi which is about Takamina as an MC. Why do they always want to pick on the poor girl!!!! Sasshi didn’t beat the machine on this one!

Onto the 2nd segment of the show as Komori, Mayuyu, Kitarie and Yukirin are summoned to a room to see a man involved with the show. He’s got a challenge for them all. On the 27th July, Angelina Jolie will walk down the red carpet for the Japanese premiere of her new movie Salt. Somehow the girls have to try and catch her attention and have a small chit-chat with her. They try and think of some ideas on how best to achieve that. Mayuyu draws a pretty good drawing of Angelina and hopes to present it to her. Somehow Komori’s idea of just shouting “HEY” to her is dumb so they go and see Japanese tarento Dave Spector. He’s friends with many Hollywood stars so he could fire off some suggestions for them. He seems to think that saying “We are Japanese idol group AKB48” will do the trick. On the night of the premiere, the 4 are camped in the media enclosure practicing what they’re about to say to Angelina. Then she appears in a long black dress with a slit up to her arse on one side and comes down some escalators to meet the media. After having some words with one broadcaster she immediately notices Mayuyu and the picture she drew of her. They begin to chat. The girls ask “Do you know us” and Angelina says yes. I find it dubious that Angelina would know of AKB48 unless somebody told her beforehand that 4 idol girls were desperate to see her. It was funny to hear the girls say “I love Angelina” which she replies “I love AKB48”. They all look a little shocked and surprised. As Angelina moves to chat with somebody else, the 4 sing a little bit of Aitakatta and change the lyrics. Instead of saying “Kimi ni” at the end of the chorus they say “Angelina”!!

In this edition of Phrase Museum – Komori takes on Jurina. Jurina wins and Komori gives us one of her sad puppydog looks – very cute!! Kiyoto pains 2 red lines underneath her nose and Kimori smears them over her face. This girl is so much fun.

News – No Sleeves’ new single Kimi Shita is on sale now, Team A’s 6th stage is underway and a small preview of the Heavy Rotation PV.

Next week is another round of dodgeball punishment. This is something I’m really looking forward to watching.



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