Shukan AKB 6th August 2010 Summary

6 08 2010

We’re back in the Tokyo Dome area to continue the challenges that were started last week. Clips from the previous episode are shown including Sayaka’s crying!

The first challenge is for Moeno, Akicha, Harugon and Mocchi. Dotted around the area are 3 hidden Japanese letters. Find the letters which spell out a word to win the challenge. The first letter is on a panda. All 4 start looking frantically for the first letter. Akicha thinks she’s got it on a small panda figurine but she’s wrong. It’s Harugon who finds the letter first on the back of a panda on the Merry-Go-Round ride. She directs Mocchi and Moeno to the ride. Akicha is somewhere else in the area.

The 2nd letter can be found by playing the Whack-A-Croc game in the arcade center and once again it’s Harugon who finds the letter first and getting a score of 79 in the game. As Harugon is doing this, Akicha has finally found the correct panda on the Merry-Go-Round. Moeno and Mocchi gets a score of 85 and 86 respectively on the croc game. Akicha being the last on the game gets an 85. To find the last letter, some members decide to go up high to gain a vantage point to see if they can spot it. Mocchi going up on the Sky Hacker and Harugon and Moeno on the ferris wheel Sky Flower. In the end, it was Harugon who consistently got the letters first who raced over to Speedwagon to say the magic word which linked all the letters up – HANABI. She’s given a tiara to mark her achievement.

Next morning Sayaka, Myao, Kitarie and Komori find themselves outside the Haunted House attraction and they’re not happy. They’re split into teams of two – Sayaka/Myao and Kitarie/Komori. Fitted with a special helmet which has a night vision camera attached to them, they have 3 objectives to complete inside the house: find a camera, switch it on so that it can take a picture, make an impression of a Japanese celebrity and lastly spell the word SUMMER on a table filled with plastic letters and of course do the tasks whilst being scared witless. Kitarie and Komori are the first team inside the house which they enter rather gingerly. It takes nearly 6 mins for them to walk down the first corridor in the house. In one room is a man kneeling down and sharpening his sickle – Kitarie freaks out! They find the camera and complete the first task given to them. Suddenly a long haired woman ala Sadako from Ring sneaks up behind them. Both scream loudly and crouch on the floor! Kitarie starts crying. They progress steadily through the dark corridors and rooms but as they stay still in the kitchen, a dead body pops out from the cooker scaring the two of them once more. They complete the impression task here before being allowed to move on to the final task inside the house. A head pops out of a hole in a corridor. They find the table containing the letters to spell out SUMMER. With all 3 tasks completed, you’d think that their ordeal was over – WRONG! A bald headed man who laughs maniacally and the Sadako wannabe come up behind them again. Both girls cling to each other for support. Finally getting out of the house they find out they completed everything in 17mins and 7 seconds. Even though both were scared I think they enjoyed it overall.

Up next is Myao and Sayaka. Myao thinks shouting loudly will help her control her fear but she soon starts getting scared. She gets so frightened she backs out and exits the house swiftly followed by Sayaka. Summoning courage, they go back in and try and do the tasks quickly. Komori and Kitarie play a trick and go back inside the house behind them. It doesn’t work though and the tables are turned as Sadako wannabe and the man appear once more and scares all 4 of them. Myao bolts it from the house on speed and falls to the floor outside crying. Komori and Kitarie win this challenge.

Shukan AKB News: it’s the same as AKBingo.

As the credits roll, Jurina and 2 other SKE48 members talk about NMB48. Not sure what was said but I think they’re going to appear at the NMB48  auditions?

No preview of next week’s episode was shown.



2 responses

6 08 2010

I think Komori and Kitarie don’t play a trick but informed the girls inside the house that they lost the challenge (they were over the time to beat already). 🙂

7 08 2010

Looking at it again I think you’re right.

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