Watarirouka Hashiritai – Gyu PV

8 08 2010

Watarirouka Hashiritai release their 6th single Gyu on the 1st September and the PV for the main track has just come out. If you didn’t like the “Lie” repetition in No Sleeves’ song, this PV will make you dislike this song even more hearing “Gyu” being said throughout the song. I find it annoying but I can’t help but like this catchy song. Anybody know what “Gyu” actually means? The PV itself is great – love the costumes and the use of the faceless dummies who look like the avatar used in MSN instead of real people.



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11 08 2010

Thanks for posting this~ ^^

“gyu” is more like an onomatopoeia than an actual translatable word. It’s the effect of holding someone or something tightly, be it in your hand, your arms, or just the feeling of being squeezed.

11 08 2010

Thanks for explaining the meaning of “Gyu”!

30 12 2016
Denny Sinnoh

There is that wonderful moment when the act of hugging becomes the emotional connection of the hug — Gyu!

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