AKB48 Team PIGG Competition Result Is In

10 08 2010

For the b-side of AKB48’s upcoming 18th single which will be out on the 27th October, all the AKB48 members (except for Mariko – the reason for this I’m not entirely sure) were divided into 10 teams and during 5 days at the end of last month (23rd – 27th July) on Ameba PIGG (something which I’m not really that interested in) there was a chance to decide the outcome of which team would prevail by buying some flowers representing the teams. The team that sold the most flowers would be declared the winner.

The teams and songs were:

1. Love Company (Yuko, Amina, Nakayan, Myao) – Thirsty
2. MINT (Acchan, Katayama, Chiyuu, Moeno, Sakiko) – Kimi ni tsuite
3. U (Tomochin, Yuka, Mikapon, Kana, Nacchan, Natsumi, Shiichan) – Delete
4. Lolita Peter Pan (Mayuyu, Harukyan) – Tenshi no Fruit Parfait
5. EYES (Takamina, Kurisu, Harugon, Maachan, Wasamin, Ucchi) – NEXT HEAVEN
6. GIRLS・ING (Kojiharu, Mocchi, Umechan, Onigiri, Nacchi, Chikarina) – Uso desho?
7. Cosmos Tokei (Yukirin, Reinyan, Sasshi, Maeda Ami) – Merry Go Round
8. Shaku ga Hoshii (Miichan, Akicha, Lovetan, Nonaka Misato, Tanamin) – Renaiun Joshotai
9. Hokenshitsu (Sae, Kitarie, Sumire, Chiichan, Rumi, Mariyannu) – Barairo Countdown
10. Sally Akimoto (Akimoto Sayaka) – Kamuchakka Wataridori Bojou

The results came out the other night and the Top 5 positions went like this:

5 – Sally Akimoto (100,374 votes)
4 – U (104,635 votes)
3 – GIRLS・ING (108,575 votes)
2 – Love Company (116,254 votes)
1 – MINT (134,918 votes)

Was it any surprise that Acchan’s unit won this competition. Her fans were probably chomping at the bit to exact some kind of revenge for Yuko trouncing her during the senbatsu election. The best thing about the results was seeing Sayaka’s solo effort at no.5.  I bet that will give her confidence a whole lot of good – well done Sayaka! Being a totally biased Yuko fan I so wanted her unit to come out on top.



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