AKBingo 12th August 2010 Summary

12 08 2010

We have one of my favorite games again on AKBingo this week – Dodgeball Punishment. Your linesmen for the game: Haruka Ishida and Chisato Nakato. Before the teams are announced, the Bad Boys have to comment on Chiyuu’s punishment in the last game and ask for her opinion on it.

The teams for this episode are:

White Team: Yuko, Maachan, Haruka Katayama, Kana Kobayashi, Takamina and Sae

Red Team: Yukirin, Shizuka Ooya, Kojima, Mariya Suzuki, Acchan and Yuka Masuda.

It’s nice to see more new faces getting a chance for some much needed exposure on TV. Hopefully they’ll gain new fans if their personality shines on the show.

And we’re away!

1. The first one out is Shizuka Ooya. She has to shovel a bowl of blue colored crushed ice in her mouth. Yuko is watching with a look of horror and disgust!! Ooya struggles to chow down the ice. The Bad Boys have to cover her mouth as she starts to spit or throw up some of it.

2. The lever to operate the box for the balls to pop out of gets damaged so Sata has to manually get one ball out of the box. How embarrassing!! Mariya Suzuki is the 2nd girl out. She has to go outside as Chiyuu did last week and do something. Out she comes to the same position as Chiyuu armed with a small ghetto blaster. A couple of folks are sitting down on some benches and some are drinking on the veranda of a coffee shop. Gentle music starts to waft out of the ghetto blaster and Suzuki is performing some morning exercises in front of everyone. A man and his young son are watching her intently. She grabs a boy walking with his mother to join her for some exercise. Then the mother and 2 little girls also join in – it was funny watching it. The girls in the studio couldn’t believe it. Suzuki was really so good in this. Once back in the studio, Suzuki is asked to do the “koma desu” thing that Chiyuu did last time.

3. Acchan and Masuda looked like they were targeting Takamina and they got her. Takamina is out and boy, does she look pissed!! Her punishment – another eating challenge!! Last time she had to eat an insect of some sort, this time she gets to eat something that stinks to high heaven – anybody know what it was? With a little bit of difficulty she swallows down a small strip of the food. Yuko smells her breath and says it stinks!! Poor Takamina!

4. Sae is the next one out but she protests she was out of the game zone. Linesman Ishida makes the judgement by serenading Sae that she’s out! Ishida was hilarious and brilliant – I’m beginning to like this girl a lot. Sae’s punishment is to go outside to do it. Conditions have changed since Suzuki did her one – it’s now raining and there’s hardly any people around except those on the veranda of the coffee shop sheltering under the awning. Sae is with a small table full of bananas trying to give them away to people. First up is a little girl who gets to have a bunch of bananas. Then more people come up including 2 foreign kids (a boy and his little sister). Sae asks the boy in English “how old are you?”. He looks confused so Sae asks in Japanese “do you want a banana?”. He doesn’t understand. I was laughing so much at her effort in trying to get a conversation going with this foreign kid. Sae is fantastic. She walks back inside the studio eating a banana and carrying a bunch back with her. This was an awesome sequence!

5. Kana Kobayashi is next out. Kiyoto demonstrates for everybody what the next punishment is – skipping a rope on a mat full of colored pointy stones (I think that’s what they were?). Kana smacks the skipping rope into Kiyoto’s face behind her! She doesn’t really try on her first effort but on the 2nd attempt she skips and the stones hurt her. She tries one more time before stopping in pain!

6. The 6th girl to get hit is Kojima by Yuko of all people. Has Yuko been taking some lessons in throwing the ball by Tomochin – she really slammed that ball in Kojima’s arm and it stings for Kojima too. It’s another face painting transformation – this time into an old woman with glasses handing out candy. Is this a character from a TV show or something? Kojima looks into a hand mirror of her face and is slightly taken aback!

7. Haruka Katayama is the next out. Her punishment is one that’s been done before – trying to catch a small pudding tipped from a plastic cup into her mouth without spilling anything. She more or less catches it except for some sauce which dribbles and makes a mess on her chin.

8. Time for one last punishment and it’s Yuko that gets smashed by Masuda. She also gets a face painting punishment into…….Frankenstein. Very good makeup on her. She kept on saying “Franken”. Yuko laughs when she sees herself in the hand mirror.

The game is over and the Red Team wins with Yukirin, Acchan and Masuda surviving. Maachan was the only one left on the White Team. The MVP is Kojima. Why Kojima? I would have given it to either Sae or Suzuki.

Some members talk about the CM they’ve done to advertise the Pucho candy and to close out the show we have a studio performance of Heavy Rotation. Is it just me or was the rhythm to the performance slowed down a little? And why was Yuko in some long shorts whilst the rest were in their skirts showing off their legs?

A great show – it’s well worth watching this one. I love these dodgeball episodes. Next week sees Takamina’s challenge coming to a head and there’s tears aplenty.



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