Shukan AKB 13th August 2010 Summary

13 08 2010

This episode of Shukan AKB is about the Long Rope Skipping Contest that took place on the 6th June 2010 between the new teams A, K, B (after the shuffle) and kenkyuusei. The announcer goes through the dates when each new Team stage debuted.

A couple of taiko drummers go through their paces before each team member is introduced to the crowd in the stands which has been split into 4 sections to represent each team. Your host for this contest is none other than Tongue Man in his ringmaster attire.

The announcer explains how many new members have been moved about and and drafted into each team:

10 into Team A
11 into Team K
13 into Team B

The rules for the contest are simple. 2 teams will face each other over 3 rounds of skipping. The accumulated total from all 3 rounds will decide the winner who goes through to the final. The teams to face each other are A vs K and B vs kenkyuusei.

Before the opening duel between teams A and K, footage of the teams practicing are shown.

The challenge is on. Team A are up first and manage to skip in unison for 32 times with Team K overtaking them slightly with 35. The 2nd round sees Team A skipping for a mammoth 62 times with Team K only managing to do it for 50 so Team A hold a narrow advantage heading into the final round but there’s a disaster as Wasamin makes a huge mistake during the initial skip so Team A score 0. The rest of Team A do their best to console Wasamin that everything is alright. Team K easily overtake Team A’s score and the camera shows tears in Wasamin’s eyes as they pass her team’s total. Team K managed to skip 55 times and they progress to the final. Poor Wasamin but I wanted my beloved Team K to make it to the final. Would Team A have made it to the final if Wasamin hadn’t cocked up? A bit hard to say and I guess we’ll never know but Team A were strong in their first 2 rounds.

Now it’s onto the other 2 teams: B vs the kenkyuusei. There’s a shocking first round performance by both teams who only manage 1. During the 2nd round, Team B manage 16 with the kenkyuusei achieving 54. In the 3rd and final round the kenkyuusei only skip 9 times so Team B only need 34 to go through to the final but they sadly only manage to achieve 16 so the kenkyuusei are into the final to face Team K.

It’s Team K that go first in the 3 rounds of the final and managing 41 in the 1st with the kenkyuusei nudging ahead by 2 when they skip 43 times. Team K don’t do at all well in the 2nd round and only get a lowly 12 with the kenkyuusei racing ahead with 54. With everything at stake in the 3rd round, Team K have to put out all the stops to even come close to equalling the kenkyuusei – needing 43 and then some more if they have a chance of winning but before the deciding round it’s:

Shukan AKB News – Heavy Rotation comes out as a single next week and the Pucho candy announcement that was also shown on AKBingo.

We’re back for the deciding round of the Long Rope Skipping Final between Team K and the kenkyuusei. I think the total by the kenkyuusei is too much for Team K – there’s no way they can do it and sadly my prediction comes true as they come up short of equalling the kenkyuusei’ total by just 1 so they didn’t even have to skip for a 3rd time. The kenkyuusei were comfortable winners in the end – well done to the team. A cup is presented to the captain of the kenkyuusei as the end credits are rolling and that is it for this week.

An interesting episode but there wasn’t a lot of fun to be had in this one.



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14 08 2010

What do you think about the new line up?

Puzzles me 😦

14 08 2010

Why do the new teams puzzle you?

When I first heard they were going to shuffle the members around I was horrified but I think everything’s worked out pretty well and I like the new teams. The key members for each team weren’t affected such as Yuko, Sae and Sayaka for Team K, Acchan and Takamina for Team A and Yukirin and Mayuyu for Team B. I was a bit surprised though on seeing Tomochin switching from A to K but the majority of the changes I’ve got no complaints about especially since Sasshi moved to the more high profile Team A.

15 08 2010

It seems that Tomochin is not really the “sports” type of girl..

Also, I think they included a lot of unknown girls into team A..

Team B seems to filled with many young girls! why?

15 08 2010

Tomochin may not be a ‘sporty girl’ but she plays a mean game of Dodgeball!! Have you seen her whip a ball into her opponents body!!

Team B does seem to have slightly more younger members than A & K but I think all 3 teams have got a good balance of ages in them.

I think you’ll find that AKBingo is addressing the issue of members that are being neglected with appearances in recent episodes which is a good thing as it gives us fans a chance to get to know them better and gives them more exposure. Personally I didn’t really know Team A’s Haruka Ishida that well until recently when she made 2 appearances on 2 different shows. She took full advantage to showcase her personality and now I find her fast becoming a member that I really like and I hope she’ll get more TV appearances soon.

22 11 2013

when this shukan aired? i want to download it. thanks 🙂

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