Reina Fujie Appears In Kamen Rider W

20 08 2010

For those of you watching Kamen Rider W as it features the two Tomomi’s may be interested to know that an additional AKB48 member has made an appearance on the show. Reina Fujie was cast as a ‘dopant’ (one of the villains). I don’t think this was a semi-regular role, just a one -off appearance. Kamen Rider W hasn’t really appealed to me as much as some of the previous series so I haven’t bothered to watch it after the first 2 episodes. Even with the bonus of having Itano and Kasai as semi-regulars I haven’t had the urge to have another look at the series.



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22 08 2010

I kind of feel the same as you about Kamen Rider W. The previous ones were more interesting, but it isn’t unbearable to watch. It’s somewhat enjoyable to watch. By the way, do you happen to know what episode Reina appears in? I’m not a super dedicated fan of hers, but I like seeing AKB members star in stuff that I watch. It’s like ‘ooh someone I know’. XD

23 08 2010

It seems that Reina isn’t in the actual series at all but in the Kamen Rider W Hyper Battle DVD – Donburi’s α/Farewell Recipe of Love. The subbed version of the DVD will be coming out soon on the TV Nihon website.

23 08 2010

Oh, that’s kind of weird, but it would make sense as to why I didn’t see her and the series is coming to an end soon. I thought I just didn’t notice her or something. After becoming a fan of AKB48 I realized there were a lot of dramas that I have seen before that had AKB members, but never noticed till now. Anyway thank you for answering my question. :]

23 08 2010

I’m looking forward to catching the new KR series coming out next month – Kamen Rider OOO. I’m hoping it’ll revive my interest in the KR genre.

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