AKB48 Heavy Rotation 4th Day Sales

21 08 2010

Today saw Heavy Rotation sell 29,323 copies nudging the grand total up to 474,718 . I would imagine that tomorrow the single will break the 500k barrier and edging closer to breaking Ponytail’s first week sales.

Below is AKB48’s performance of Heavy Rotation on Happy Music. There’s been many grumblings about some of the senbatsu members being ignored in the PV for the song. Well in this live performance the camera pans to every single senbatsu member so plenty of close ups on Sayaka, Amina and Sasshi and not just Acchan, Yuko, Tomochin and Mayuyu.



6 responses

21 08 2010

haha I was one of the one’s grumbling about the lack of 13-21 ranked members in the PV
Love the cameraman here ❤

21 08 2010

oh yea and Music Japan did a good job too

21 08 2010

The only reason why you can see Sayaka so clearly is because she’s replacing Mariko O:

22 08 2010

Why is Sayaka so understimated, she is great and if they were going for lingerie she has such an amazing body

22 08 2010

I think Sayaka is too intimidating for their main audience – Jap Men

22 08 2010

I think you could be right there Jenny!!

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