AKBingo 25th August 2010 Summary

26 08 2010

This week’s episode is a continuation from what was started last week. Tatsuya Yamaguchi from the group TOKIO is back in the studio trying to pick his oshimen. The first stage is Tatsuya asking questions for the girls and they answered on a small white board. He picks an interesting answer to talk about with everybody.

But before the episode actually gets underway, there’s an announcement before the credits that Heavy Rotation has gone straight into no.1 in the Oricon Charts.

Right, we continue with the 1st stage and there’s one more question to be asked before Tatsuya can pick his oshimen. I had no idea what the question was all about so I’ll move on to who he picked – it was Miichan who goes a little OTT with her celebration (running towards one of the cameras!).

The 2nd stage is 2 role play situations. 3 members are picked for each scenario. The first is about a couple watching the Summer fireworks. Acchan, Rena Matsui and Takamina did this. After each person finishes their part, Miichan and Yuko comment about the script which was funny. I was bored with Acchan’s but Rena’s was cute (asking for a kiss which left her very embarrased at the end) and Takamina was great as it got the rest of the girls faking that they’d fallen asleep listening to her.

The 2nd scenario is something on the beach and it was Kojima, Sae and Jurina Matsui who participated. Tatsuya was surprised that Jurina is only 13 years old. So which member out of the six would Tatsuya pick – I had a feeling he’d go for Acchan and I was right.  He should have picked Rena!!

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and for the 3rd stage 2 teams of 3 members cook a nice dish for Tatsuya. The red team consists of Yuko, Kitarie and Kasai and they will cook some katsu curry. The white team which has Tomochin, Amina and Mayuyu will cook some goya chanpuru (whatever that is!). Miichan is the roving reporter going back and forth between the two teams to show their progress. Tatsuya can only pick 1 member at the end of this stage and not a whole team.

After both teams have cooked, it’s time for the taste test. Tatsuya liked both dishes although I suspect he was faking how much he liked the white team’s dish. So which member got to be Tatsuya’s oshimen in the end? It was Kitarie as she made some heart shaped cabbage with the katsu curry.

It’s decision time for Tatsuya as he has to pick the overall best oshimen from the 3 girls he’s chosen from the 3 stages but before that…………

News – Watarirouka Hashiritai’s new single Gyu comes out next week and then we have a live performance of Heavy Rotation.

To close the show we return to Tatsuya picking his favorite oshimen and it’s between Acchan, Miichan and Kitarie but Tatsuya does a swerve and choses Tomochin instead to receive his guitar shaped prize. Oh dear, Miichan is really pissed about this.

A fairly interesting episode but for me Miichan was too much of a camera whore. I have a love/hate liking for Miichan. Sometimes I like her and then at other times she gets on my nerves like today’s episode.

Next week: looks like it’s something to do with cooking again?



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