New Idol Group KISS&KISS

26 08 2010

How many more idol groups is there going to be coming out of the woodwork? 2010 has seen many of them emerging from nowhere to try and emulate AKB48’s success. KISS&KISS is the latest one. This group comes from the Kansai region and consists of 14 members gathered from 5 different agencies. Their look suggests to me they’re directly trying to copy AKB48.  One quick peek at their lineup which you can see from the Youtube video below and I could spot the Takamina lookalike straight away.

They’ve also got an official website:

I think the song accompanying this video is going to be their debut single which comes out on September 29th called SchoolDays. I like the song if I’m being honest.



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27 08 2010

The song actually sounds pretty good but the thought trying to memorize 14 new members is a big turn off for me. I’m already in the middle of learning AKB48. Did you hear about Naked Boyz (male ver. of AKB48) and VKB428 (Visual Kei ver. of AKB)? It’s like everyone is taking a page from their book.

27 08 2010

Yeah, I’ve heard about the Naked Boyz and VKB428. I’m just wondering if Tsunku was just joking with the media when he said he was thinking of creating an enka idol group ENK48. Somehow I can’t see something like that ever being successful……but then again I could be wrong.

28 08 2010

ENK48… Lol. There’s no way something like that would popular. Especially since he said he’d let the members openly date. He should be focusing his time more on Morning Musume.

28 08 2010
bunny kaisui

I’m still shocked about this news. I know all of them for watching their lives fans upload on YouTube & NicoNicoDouga and for following their blogs.

I think “emerging from nowhere” it’s not quite correct because all of them already have their fans and they have experience (they’re already idols).

Moreover, idol groups are being formed all the time. It’s just that idols in general are more popular now (not only H!P) that people start to notice other groups.

Not all of them try to be like AKB. These girls just admire idols, they love singing&dancing and they obviously want to try more things now they may have more oportunities.

If people make such a fuss when a new idol group is created and start comparing them with AKB/H!P, it will happen the same that happended when AKB started. For people, they were only a copy of H!P and they bashed them because of that.

Sorry for the long comment ^^U!! And thanks for talking about them in your blog! For them it’s going to be a shock if they know western people is talking about them 😀

28 08 2010

Thanks for your comment bunny kaisui and don’t worry about it being long. You bring up some interesting points.

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