Here Comes KNU23!!!

29 08 2010

No sooner had I posted all about KISS&KISS that I hear about another new idol group that’s going to be making their debut soon. KNU23 is their name and it consists of 16 gravure idols. Apparently the KNU part of their name has 2 meanings – “keep natural under” and the other one which made me laugh refers to “kyonyuu” – large breasts!!! It is said that all of the members are rather well endowed.

KNU23 is going to have a school theme with members being divided into 2 classes – “P” and “X”. What’s the significance of the classes being P and X? There’s even talk of a senbatsu election coming up to decide on between 5-8 members for the group’s “student council” of sorts.

KNU23 held their debut event yesterday in Tokyo stating their intention to hold live performances and release CD’s but no dates has been given yet as to when either will happen.



3 responses

29 08 2010

All this copycat stuff is really getting pathetic. 🙂

1 09 2010

So.. are they going to dance, sing like akb48?

2 09 2010

Yes, they will be performing (dancing and singing) like AKB48.

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