Why Has Sasshi Changed Her Name?

29 08 2010

I’m a bit confused as to why Team A member Rino Sashihara has decided to change her stage name over the weekend to Sashiko? It’s got to be a joke by her hasn’t it? Even her profile on AKB48’s website has been changed to reflect this. It all began with a CM for Heavy Rotation which you can see below. Will she say something on her blog in the next few days about how we’ve all been fooled by her and that she’s reverting back to her real name? It must be something to do with the 24 Hour Television charity event that’s taken place. Expect this ‘ inside joke’ to be revealed to everybody soon. There’s no way that this name change is permanent!

EDIT: It’s been revealed that it was a  joke after all by AKB48 management.  That puts an end to all this nonsense then. Thanks Melos for clearing it up. Panic over!!



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29 08 2010

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