Super Enpou Tickets – Now Even Easier For Foreigners To See AKB48!

30 08 2010

With the rising popularity of AKB48, getting tickets to see their performances lately at the theater in Akiba has been getting increasingly difficult and frustrating for foreign fans visiting Tokyo but no more!

Announced yesterday is a new ticket specifically for those coming from abroad who want to see their favorite team and member. The ticket is called Super Enpou and check this out – if you win one of these babies you’re guaranteed a front row seat!! Yep, that’s right – 6 seats for each show around the stage left block area in the front row is just for us foreign fans which will make it better for us to interact with the girls and you know full well how they love to see us foreign fans at the theater.

So how do you get one of these tickets? Pretty simple. About a month before you land in Tokyo you’ll have to send an email to the AKB48 theater stating the dates you’re going to be in the city, your name, country of origin and which teams you want to see (in my case all of them!!!). It’s easy and it’s something I’ll be doing before I’ll be going to Tokyo in mid December. For further details head over to the Stage48 forums where there’s a thread about it:

Thank you Akimoto and AKB48 management for giving us foreign fans a golden opportunity to see our favorite idols up close and personal.



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6 09 2010
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7 09 2010

yeahhhh, i have my answer


Thank you for applying for the AKB48 theater 「スーパー遠方枠」.
You were elected to team A concert September 13.
Please come to information on the AKB48 theater between from 17:00 to 18:30 on that day.
The passport is confirmed with the information counter and bring it without forgetting, please.
There is a possibility of refusing sales of the ticket when the confirmation of the passport cannot be taken.
Moreover, it becomes impossible to sit in a seat when late at 18:30 and it becomes a standing seeing on the side in the back. Please note it.
The price of the ticket is 3,000 yen for men. It is 2,000 yen for women.
We will wait on that day.

7 09 2010

Congratulations on winning a ticket, I’m really happy for you and it’s proof that the Super Enpou system works a treat. You must be so excited at going to see Team A on the 13th! Enjoy the show and the experience. I hope you get some interaction with the girls.

7 09 2010

I won not only one but 2 tickets 🙂
Maybe i can win one more for team K ?? It would be perfect !! Wait and see…

3 08 2012

Hey Trax, I have a question! How long is the performance, and after the performance, do you have a chance to interact with them?

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