AKBingo 1st September 2010 Summary

2 09 2010

Today’s episode is a variation of an old word game that’s been featured on past AKBingo editions. The game in this episode is called Time Pressure:Battle Burger Shop. The girls have been split into 2 teams with Sata and Kiyoto as bosses. For the first stage game the members in each team are:

Kyo-Takki Team (Kiyoto): Takamina, Kojima, Rena Matsui, Kitarie, Kasai and Acchan

Boss Burger Team (Sata) : Miichan, Yuko, Jurina Matsui, Sae, Myao and Tomochin.

The object of the game is each of the first 5 girls in the team has a burger on a moving conveyor belt flip open to reveal a certain object. They must say something in 5 seconds that associates with the object without actually revealing what it is. The last girl at the end should manage to guess what the object is with all the clues that the rest of her team have given her.

First up is Kiyoto’s team with Acchan as the final member guessing the first object correctly. Sata’s team with Tomochin as the final member also got their first object right which was curry rice even though Myao failed to think up a word.

Round 2 of this stage and Kiyoto’s team gets it right once more. Sata’s team fails with Sae not being able to think of anything. Tomochin gets a blast right in the face from 2 fire extinguishers.

Round 3 sees Acchan guessing incorrectly the object and she gets blasted in the face. Some girls have swapped positions in Sata’s team for this one with Yuko now being the end girl. She guesses incorrectly and gets the fire extinguisher treatment!!

Round 4 only sees Kiyoto’s team taking part and they guessed right. The answer was karaoke.

The game moves onto the 2nd stage. This time they get to draw something in 5 seconds which associates with the object that the end girl gets to guess. The teams have changed slightly into:

Kyo-Takki Team: Mayuyu, Acchan, Harugon, Kasai, Takamina and Amina

Boss Burger: Yuko, Yukirin, Moeno, Erepyon, Tomochin and Ami Maeda.

Round 1 – First object was PC. How Sata’s team got this right was amazing as the drawing of the PC was bad. Kiyoto’s team also was correct with Tokyo Tower.

Round 2 – It was supposed to be a picture of a maid cafe waitress but Yukirin failed to guess it right. Her reaction to seeing the picture was priceless. Kiyoto’s team fared little better but I do sympathise with Amina on this one. The picture was supposed to be the masterthief Lupin III but Amina thought it was Popeye. I think it was the jutting chin that made her guess that. Both Yukirin and Amina get a full blast in the face from the fire extinguishers!

Round 3 – Both teams got the answers right. Yukirin was funny furiously colouring the object all in red. The object was a fire engine whilst for Kiyoto’s team the object was a sumo wrestler.

Round 4 – Only Sata’s team got to answer this one and Ami Maeda guessed correctly that it was a chicken.

That ended the segment with the Kyo-Takki team victorious 5-4.

There’s an announcement that the French Kiss single is out next week with Watarirouka Hashiritai’s song Gyu out today in the shops which sends us nicely into a PV preview of the song.

This was an entertaining episode of AKBingo which I really liked a lot. Next week’s episode is either a continuation of the Time Pressure game or a Shojiki Shougi between Akicha and Takamina. Believe it or not it will also be the 100th episode of the show. Hopefully they can do something a little bit special to commemorate the occasion.



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4 09 2010

Mayuyu looks so ssoosososo cute in her maid cafe costume!!!!!!!!!!!

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