SDN48 Senbatsu Election Result Is Out!

8 09 2010

The votes have been counted and the results of SDN48’s senbatsu election have been announced. The top 12 members as voted by the fans will front SDN48’s debut single which is released on the 24th November 2010. There’s no title for the upcoming single yet. I guess you all want to know who came out at no.1 so here goes:

12 – Fukuyama Sakura
11 – Akita Kazue
10 – Ito Kana
09 – Kohara Haruka
08 – Kato Mami
07 – Serina
06 – Umeda Haruka
05 – Urano Kazumi
04 – KONAN
03 – Noro Kayo
02 – Sato Yukari

and the no.1 SDN48 member was none other than Meetan herself. I think it was obvious for a while that she would get take the no.1 position. I’m rather surprised with no Nachu as I thought she was gaining in popularity. How wrong could I be!

It was rather obvious that ex-AKB48 members would perform strongly in the election and the top 3 is what I expected but I didn’t think KONAN would do better than Cindy.

Congratulations to Meetan. That’s who I wanted to be at the center of the single so I’m really happy that she’s no.1.



One response

9 09 2010

Glad to see Meetan still going strong

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