Yuko Doesn’t Know Her History Very Well!!

13 09 2010

Last month, Yuko Oshima appeared on a special TV programme to mark the 65th anniversary of the end of WW2.  The reason for her on this show was because she was meant to represent the youth generation.

Yuko is quizzed about her knowledge of the war. She is given a board with the flags of the main countries that fought in the war and is asked to identify who was in the Axis and Allied Powers. Thing is, young Yuko thought that the UK was on the side of Japan at first which prompted a laugh from one of the other guests on the show. She even paused to think which side China was on as well. Thankfully she corrected herself in the end and got them all right. It really would have been embarassing for her had she not done that. Maybe Yuko got confused about the First World War in which the UK and Japan were allies.

This is a clip of Yuko making that mistake on the show:



5 responses

13 09 2010

The problem was that today’s flags were used and not the flags of the World War II era. Hell… this quiz was wrong from the beginning. Yuko made the best out of it. 🙂

14 09 2010

and this week yuko posted on her blog that she just found out recently that “co.jp” the jp part means japan. …. 😀
she’s sweet!

14 09 2010

Ha ha, OMG that really made me laugh!!

16 09 2010

Damn I don’t know my history either. Is it bad that I’m learning from watching the Hetalia anime… XD

16 10 2010

aww well at least she’s learning…

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