Mariko Shinoda Wants To Be An Action Actress!

15 09 2010

During a press announcement by Mariko Shinoda for her upcoming 5 minute solo MC show which will be available only on Japanese mobile phones called “LISMO Channel (Video)”,  she said that in the future she’d like to be an action actress  like the ones on Charlie’s Angels!!! Does she mean the series or the movies as the movies were more comedy than action. I’d sure like to see Mariko give it a go being an all-action girl. But if I’m being completely honest I think Sayaka is better suited to being an action girl.

The “LISMO Channel (Video)” which she’s presenting starting from October 4th is a short programme showcasing the latest doramas and movies being aired in Japan.



3 responses

15 09 2010

I could totally see her being an angel in a Japanese version.

15 09 2010

i think she’s aiming for a japanese version of a cameron diaz charlie angel

3 12 2010

Yuko isn’t that coordinated enough or athletic enough when compared to Sayaka-san, who’s physically fit, or rather, atheletic enough to be an action star!

Yuko is more of a photo model!

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