AKBingo 15th September 2010 Summary

18 09 2010

This week’s AKBingo is the return of an old favorite game – AKVegas in which 4 teams of 2 members get to bet on the outcome of some games. The dealer has been changed from previous episodes with Miichan taking over from Yuko who wasn’t in the studio at all for this episode.

The 4 teams taking part today are:

Team SachiKomori (Sasshi and Komori)
Team Matsui (Sayaka and Sakiko Matsui)
Team Fresh (RS Students – Haruka Shimada, Miyu Takeuchi with Anna Mori assisting behind the two girls)
Team Kiyotomo – (Tomochin and Kiyoto)

The first game is a cosplay obstacle course challenge and the participants are Kojima, Sae, Kasai and Sumire Sato.

The course goes like this: first they have to pick up a baseball bat and spin around that 10 times before moving on to a dangling card on a rope in which they have to grab with their mouth. They then have to change into different costumes before they get to crawl underneath a net. They then pick up a basketball and have to try and dribble around a man (Black iNaBA) who’s blocking them. If they manage to do that, they then have to shoot into one of 9 holes which determines which pair of shoes they have to wear for the rest of the game. After all this, another basketball is picked up, dribble once more go past Black iNaBA before crossing the finishing line. This course is more difficult than what we’ve seen in the past,

The teams are asked to bet who will win the challenge. Team SachiKomori thinks Sumire will win, Team Matsui not surprising given that Sayaka is on the team bet on Sae, the RS students pick Sae (they start to gush about Sae – saying they love her and they think she’s cool) and Team Kiyotomo think Sumire will prevail.

The game starts and the early going has Sumire and Sae in the lead which is good news for the teams that have bet on them but then Sumire starts to stall. For the cosplay part of the challenge – Kojima gets to wear a Chinese style dress, Sae as a witch, Sumire as a policewoman and Kasai as an American football player. As the game trundles on Kojima takes command but then Sae storms to the lead and wins the game followed by Kojima then Kasai and way behind is Sumire to finish last.

Game 2 is a Solo Gag Battle. For this game we have 5 girls (Shizuka Oya, Moeno, Lovetan, Myao and Ami Maeda) sitting down with a black bin bag (that’s what it looked like to me) draped over them. They each have to take a swig of milk and hold it inside their mouth whilst somebody has to make them laugh. If they spill the milk from their mouths they’re out. The participant that tries and make the girls laugh have a large table full of objects which they can use to achieve their aim.

The 3 girls that will do their best to make the ones sitting down are Takamina, Kitarie and Kojima.

We’re off first with Takamina who I thought was funny in her own little way. Oya spills the milk very quickly but nobody else seems to think that Takamina is funny so she only gets 1 point. Kitarie is the 2nd girl and Oya spits the milk straight into the lens of the camera which was hilarious. Ami Maeda is out soon followed by Moeno and Myao with Lovetan left. Good effort from Kitarie with 4 points and finally we have Kojima who is also rather good with her no3b joke. Oya spits the milk out before Kojima really started. It doesn’t take a lot to make her laugh!!! She got 4 points with Myao being the last one. Shizuka Oya seemed to take a far bigger swig of milk compared to the others.

I’m taking this game continues in a future episode as it abruptly ends and we’re into Phrase Museum between Tomochin and Acchan. A change to see Acchan lose and get some paint however small it was on her face.

The news had Takamina plugging her new PB which comes out next week and 3 members telling us about something to do with food??

To end the show – a live studio performance of Heavy Rotation interspersed with behind the scenes clips from the PV shoot.

Next week sees the return of the camp fashion expert who doesn’t seem to have any taste in clothes as he deliberates on the Autumn Collection the girls are wearing.



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19 09 2010

omg thanks for the summary and translations for AKBINGO! !!!
love takamina’s gag lol!

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