Erepyon To Graduate Next Week

20 09 2010

If you’re a Erena Ono fan and in Japan right now and want to try and see her perform before she leaves AKB48 then you’ve only got 7 days left as her graduation date has been announced. She will be leaving on Monday September 27th after a Team K performance at the AKB48 Theater.

Her destination after she graduates is still unknown. All we do know is she still wants to be an actress and is going abroad to study. Apparently a trip abroad is scheduled to take place in October to look at a couple of acting schools.



4 responses

20 09 2010

That’s a real shame, she’s not my oshimen but i still dont want her to leave.

20 09 2010

I don’t want her to go either.

20 09 2010

God damnit…
Who the f*** is going to sing First Love
+ It won’t be the same Tonari no Banana without Kasai & Erena 😐

20 09 2010

Myao is going to be lost without her partner-in-crime!!

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