AKB48 Janken Tournament Shocker!!

21 09 2010

Today was the day of the Janken tournament to determine who would be the center for AKB48’s 19th single due out on the 8th December 2010 and would you believe it, the tournament has given everybody a major shock as to who won the tournament. Brace yourselves for this guys, the member who takes the center is none other than………..Mayumi Uchida!!! Who the hell is Mayumi Uchida you may ask? That’s the question I’m asking as well. She’s a member of Team K but that’s not the only shocking thing. A lot of who you might call the regular senbatsu members have been pushed into the Theater Girls group (Yuko, Yukirin and Takamina for example). Thankfully some like Acchan, Kojima, Akicha and Kasai have retained their senbatsu membership but they’ll be in the back and not the front. I’m happy though that a new favorite of mine Haruka Ishida is 2nd. I wonder how they all feel about this tournament and what took happened. They can’t complain or anything – janken is a game of luck, simple as that and those that got into the senbatsu for the single had a lot of luck. It’s actually nice that minor faces are getting a chance in the spotlight and I hope they’ll make the most of it.

So here’s how the lineup for the 19th single will look (senbatsu, undergirls and theater girls):

Will this have an adverse effect on sales for the single. Only time will tell?



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