AKBingo 22nd September 2010 Summary

23 09 2010

Today’s episode is another edition of the regular fashion collection they do each season with the camp fashion producer Koji Uematsu. This episode deals with the Autumn collection.

First situation for the 3 girls coming down the catwalk is a museum date with a sempai you like.

Kojima comes out in a once piece dress, red shoes, waistcoat with fake fur and brown bag. It wasn’t too bad I suppose but of course Uematsu liked it and gave his good points about her look with his stupid wand.

Up next is Kitarie with a casual but cool look. I prefer this to Kojima’s. She wore a white top, ripped jeans rolled up to the knees, brown shoes and brown bag. I liked how she looked but somehow I had a feeling that Uematsu wouldn’t like it. Kitarie looked a bit surprised with his comments.

The third to go down the catwalk for this situation is Lovetan who looked very cute in her clothes (one piece sky blue dress with a flower pattern on it, sandal shoes and necklace). Uematsu is an idiot as he doesn’t like it. A pity that Lovetan didn’t smack him in the face to shut him up.

And lastly we have Sayaka who has taken a bit of a battering from Uematsu before so how would she fare this time round? Sayaka had a nice simple look – white t-shirt under a light brown suede jacket, black trousers, maroon shoes, a heart necklace and a Hello Kitty bag. I should have known that Uematsu would slag her off again. He said she looked like a 40 year old. Sayaka made a fashion faux-pas – a stain on her white t-shirt!!!

Kojima wins this situation with Sayaka being called the worst. I would have picked either Kitarie or Lovetan – probably Kitarie in the end.

The 2nd situation we have is sakura viewing with your classmates and 3 girls will strut their stuff down the catwalk.

First up is Tomomi Kasai. Her look didn’t do anything for me (khaki waistcoat of sorts?, ripped denim shorts, cream top and some god damn awful boots that looked like the wool had just been ripped off some sheep). Uematsu loved it. Typical!

Next we have Sasshi who’s in a lace poncho (that’s what it looked like to me), checked hot pants, brown boots and a wooly hat. Sasshi looked good but Uematsu the twat thought not.

Last but not least is another girl who hasn’t fared very well by Uematsu in the past – Takamina. Out she comes as funny as always with her facial expressions. She has a white sweater, denim shorts, black shoes and a bag with a ghetto blaster design on the front. For once I agreed with Uematsu as he liked Takamina’s look. Takamina was also pleased.

Kasai wins the situation with Sasshi called the worst. I think Sasshi would have been the winner in my book. And thus ends the Autumn collection segment.

Yuko, Takamina and Acchan announce that the title of the next single is Beginner. Not sure if they were filming the PV or not during the announcement?

To finish us off this week we have 3 of the Research Students performing Miniskirt no Yosei live in the studio.

Next week: More AKVegas, Mayu crying for some reason and chocolate/mud tug of war!



2 responses

23 09 2010

Takamina’s facial expressions in this episoded made me LOL. She’s so adorkable!

27 09 2010

I thought Kasai’s outfit looked good, well except for the boots.

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