Goo Ranking – Ideal Girlfriend (AKB48 Members)

25 09 2010

Goo Ranking (whatever that is?) held a survey for it’s readers asking which AKB48 member would make an ideal girlfriend for them. This is the result of that survey:

46. Chikano Rina
46. Nakatsuka Tomomi
40. Sato Sumire
40. Yonezawa Rumi
40. Umeda Ayaka
40. Uchida Mayumi
40. Kikuchi Ayaka
40. Nakata Chisato
35. Kobayashi Kana
35. Suzuki Mariya
35. Oku Manami
35. Fujie Reina
35. Katayama Haruka
25. Kasai Tomomi
25. Masuda Yuka
25. Hirajima Natsumi
25. Komori Mika
25. Ishida Haruka
25. Nonaka MIsato
25. Nito Moeno
25. Tanabe Miku
25. Matsubara Natsumi
25. Oya Shizuka
19. Kitahara Rie
19. Sato Natsuki
19. Sato Amina
19. Nakagawa Haruka
19. Kuramochi Asuka
19. Nakaya Sayaka
16. Matsui Sakiko
16. Maeda Ami
16. Takajyo Aki
14. Miyazaki Miho
14. Iwasa Misaki
12. Ota Aika
12. Sashihara Rino
11. Minegishi Minami
9. Miyazawa Sae
9. Akimoto Sayaka
8. Watanabe Mayu
7. Kashiwagi Yuki
6. Kojima Haruna
5. Takahashi Minami
4. Itano Tomomi
3. Oshima Yuko
2. Maeda Atsuko
1. Shinoda Mariko

I can’t say I agree with the no.1 choice because I would have chosen Yuko but each to their own I suppose. Who would you choose as your ideal girlfriend? Would it be your oshimen or somebody else?



9 responses

25 09 2010

My oshimen is about 3 years younger than me and while I love her to death, I think it’d be a bit awkward dating Mayuyu lmao. The ideal girlfriend imo would be Tomo~mi. She’s got the cute, clingy type feel.

25 09 2010

I would love to date Captain Takamini. I watched one of her interviews before (Shin Domoto Kyoudai I think…) where she mentioned that her ideal date involves reading manga together. In the same interview she also said that If she was a guy she’s date Mariko-sama. XD

25 09 2010

F**K YEAH!!!
I agree with #1 100% hoho.

25 09 2010

I think a lot are shocked by how far down the list Kasai is – no.25!

25 09 2010

I’d like to have Narita Risa as my girlfriend lol she’s still my #1 oshimen LOL ❤

26 09 2010

what about to take vote again, about “not ideal for your girlfriend (AKB Member)”

hhahah just IMO …

26 09 2010

Who would you vote for as “not ideal for your girlfriend” then?

27 09 2010

I don’t think any of them would be my ideal girlfriend, because none of them seem to speak English on an exceptional level for a non-native, amirite? My oshimen is Yuko, though..

27 09 2010

Yes, you are quite right. I believe out of all the members, it’s Sayaka that’s the best in English though she’s far from being fluent!

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