AKBingo 29th September 2010 Summary

30 09 2010

We’re back with another edition of AKVegas in this week’s episode which was very entertaining and funny.

The 4 teams betting in this episode are: Kasai/Sumire, Sae/Moeno, Haruka Shimada/Miyu Takeuchi/Anna Mori and Kojima/Kiyoto.

The first game which is the same as last time is the Cosplay Obstacle Course and our participants are: Tomochin, Takamina, Mayuyu and Ami Maeda.

The betting goes like this:

Kasai/Sumire – Tomochin
Sae/Moeno – Tomochin
Shimada/Takeuchi/Mori – Ami Maeda
Kojima/Kiyoto – Takamina

And we’re away and the early going has 3 contestants neck and neck with Takamina lagging slightly behind for one good reason – Takamina is so tiny that she can’t grab the card from the dangling rope. This was funny!! But she comes back well. For the cosplay aspect of the game we have Takamina in a ridiculous monkey outfit which covers her from head to toe, Tomochin as a nurse, Mayu as an air stewardess and Maeda as a flamenco dancer.

Tomochin storms to the lead but is held up by iNaBA who prevents her from passing. Mayu is 2nd, Maeda is 3rd and last but not least is Takamina. iNaBA is proving to be a thorn to all the girls but especially to Mayu who is becoming more pissed off and frustrated. Oh shit, the tears are beginning to flow from her. This is one girl who does not like to lose. Tomochin eventually manages to barge her way past the guy to win the race with Mayu the runner up. It was completely unfair on Takamina as her costume stopped her from really competing – she got well and truly shafted big time. Still, it was hilarious to see. Miichan as dealer interviews Mayu who is still crying. Takamina in her monkey outfit tries to console her but is pushed away. A bit uncalled for by Mayu. Stop being a baby and take it on the chin for God sake!

Two teams score a point for correctly predicting the winner!

The 2nd game is a tug of war battle fought over a pool of chocolate (was it chocolate?)

The participants in this one is Myao, Shizuka Ooya, Sasshi and Sayaka. Suffice to say it’s pretty easy to say who will win this one!

The betting is as follows:

Kasai/Sumire – Sayaka
Sae/Moeno – Sasshi (eh what’s this! Sae not picking Sayaka!!!)
Shimada/Takeuchi/Mori – Ooya
Kojima/Kiyoto – Sayaka

They draw lots to see who faces off against each other before the winning two square off in the final. First is Myao against Sayaka and we have some trash talk before the contest. Sayaka bests Myao in this (you can’t outpsych Sayaka!) and the contest was pretty easy for Sayaka as well. The 2nd contest sees Sasshi taking on Shizuka Ooya. I so wanted Sasshi to win but she didn’t so in the final it’s Ooya vs Sayaka. An intriguing final which I thought would be a little bit difficult for Sayaka but it was over quickly. Sayaka wins without breaking sweat – Ooya flies into the chocolate pool! I don’t think anybody barring Sae perhaps could beat Sayaka.

This segment is over and we have Phrase Museum next between Akicha and Rena Matsui. Rena wins and after Akicha’s face is painted red by Kiyoto she gives him one of her death stares!

To end the show we have a PV preview of the Under Girls song on the next single which is called ‘Bake dake no value’. I like the song and the PV has a running race theme throughout it.

Next week – more fashion!



9 responses

30 09 2010

Takamina was so awesome in this episode. My favorite part was when she got all depressed and was squatting on the side.

1 10 2010

I don’t get why everyone loves bashing on Takamina so much. XD She’s awesome. =] Granted the monkey suit was kind of icky and she was sweating a lot from wearing the suit (haha), but I would have hugged her anyway.

1 10 2010

I’ve been wondering about that too. Taka’s my oshimen but somehow I really enjoy it when the other member bash her (which they do quite often) XD

1 10 2010

Lol, yes I’m guilty of that too. It’s always funny when Takamina’s name comes up in shoujiki shougi. I guess I kind of understand it. It’s like friends teasing each other. My friends and I often make fun of each other. For some reason, Takamina’s ‘teasing’ just looks more like bashing. Lol but I’m sure everyone’s just hiding their true feelings for Takamina. XD Deep down inside, they all want her for themselves. =]

1 10 2010

I wonder why Sayaka said oh my god.

1 10 2010

I’m wondering why she said that too?

1 10 2010

I only figured this out after going back and watching/skimming the episode, but I believe Sayaka said oh my god because they were making fun of her monstrous strength. Kasai called her あきゴり which I guess is Aki(moto) + gori(lla). So yea, they’re were basically calling her a gorilla lol and Kiyoto even had that picture of the gorilla (or I think it was King Kong or something). XD

3 10 2010

Actually, i feel kind of bad for Mayu because no one vote for her. Thanks you so much for the review, now i can finally understand what i’m watching.

3 10 2010

Maybe that why Mayu was trying so hard to win – she wanted to prove a point to those that didn’t vote for her and when she realised that she wouldn’t be able to win the contest after iNaBA held her up, her frustration came out in tears.

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