Sayaka Scandal – All A Big Misunderstanding?

14 10 2010

Yet another scandal involving an AKB48 member has emerged. Yesterday an issue of a Japanese magazine called Shukan Bunshun reported that Team K member Sayaka had a man stay over at her place last week. The article was quick to point the finger that Sayaka and the 56 year old man called Ouji Hiroi were having a romantic relationship. Sayaka though has been quick to destroy the rumour saying that it’s a big misunderstanding by the magazine.

Apparently on October 9th, the man spent the night at her apartment and was seen leaving the following morning and that he’d been seen at her place 2 nights earlier as well. It’s known that Sayaka and Ouji Hiroi are working on a project called “Double Heroine” and they’ve worked before on the musical Infinity. Sayaka’s explanation was he was just over to watch a movie. Does one movie last all night? Why couldn’t he have just left after watching it? Were they discussing and planning this project also throughout the night? Who knows but the man said their relationship is one of teacher and student. There’s no romance between the two and never will be. End of story.

Sayaka has been warned by her agency to avoid any misunderstandings like this in the future. She should have been more careful than this. The press and paparazzi are watching AKB48’s every move especially now that they’re mega popular. They love a good scandal involving popular idols and are quick to pounce on any juicy gossip which will make them money. I hope Sayaka learns from this mistake – bringing a man back to her place when she’s an idol is a big no-no!



2 responses

14 10 2010

Stupid rumors..

14 10 2010

That’s the press for you – anything to make a quick buck or yen should I say!

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