AKBingo 13th October 2010 Summary

15 10 2010

We’re back with another edition of Time Pressure:Battle Burger Shop. Once again the girls have been split into 2 teams with Sata and Kiyoto as bosses. For the first stage game the members in each team are:

Kyo-Takki Team (Kiyoto): Kitarie, Kasai, Mariko, Sumire, Mocchi and Kojima

Boss Burger Team (Sata) : Miichan, Tomochin, Oya, Sae, Yuko and Yukirin

The rules are exactly the same as the previous episode to feature this game – the object of the game is each of the first 5 girls in the team has a burger on a moving conveyor belt flip open to reveal a certain object. They must say something in 5 seconds that associates with the object without actually revealing what it is. The last girl at the end should manage to guess what the object is with all the clues that the rest of her team have given her.

First up is Sata’s team with Yukirin as the final member guessing the first object correctly which was purikura. Kiyoto’s team with Kojima as the final member also got their first object right which was dentist

Round 2 of this stage and Sata’s team gets it right once more. Yukirin correctly guessed it was diet. Kiyoto’s team fails with Kojima getting a blast right in the face from 2 fire extinguishers. The correct answer was newscaster.

Round 3 sees Yukirin guessing incorrectly the person and she gets blasted in the face. The answer was female politician Renho Murata. Kojima fared little better with her answer and gets the fire extinguisher treatment!! The answer was supposed to be battlefield cameraman

Round 4 sees Yukirin back on track and getting the answer right which was a wedding.

The game moves onto the 2nd stage. Same game as before – they get to draw something in 5 seconds which associates with the object that the end girl gets to guess. The teams have changed into:

Kyo-Takki Team: Mayu, Ishida, Akicha, Takamina, Mariko and Sasshi

Boss Burger: Yuko, Kobayashi, Tomochin, Ami Maeda, Yukirin and Myao

Round 1 – I’m not sure what the first object was and Sasshi got it wrong anyhow. Sata’s team got theirs right which was a cake. Quite an easy one to guess.

Round 2 – If Sasshi would have got this wrong she’d have been labelled as an idiot even with Mariko giving the helicopter some angel wings but she did get it right thankfully. Myao was amazing in this round. I would never have guessed chameleon was the object in the picture but she did and got it right.

Round 3 – Sasshi failed with her final picture and to be honest it was a little bit tough but I somehow guessed it was the Diet Building. Myao completed her clean sweep in the game with UFO as her answer. 3 out of 3 for the girl. Go Myao!!

Game over with Sata’s team storming to a 6-2 victory.

News: Watarirouka Hashiritai’s debut album is out on general release.

And after the debacle regarding the Beginner PV, we have an alternative PV on the show: the AKBINGO! 6 Dance Formation Special Version. I still would have preferred to see the original PV but this one was pretty good too. The more I hear Beginner the more I’m prepared to stick my neck on the line and say this will be the biggest selling single of the year. It’s an awesome song.

That ends this week’s show. Next week: more Muchaburi Dodgeball



2 responses

20 10 2010

If u don’t mind me asking, could u hint where u watch the recent AKBingo shows? I’ve only found Sep-shows, but no luck on the October series so far.
This is probably random, but it’s the only way I can think of for asking help, since google isn’t being such a deary for me on this (neither is yahoo for that matter…). xD

On topic:
From the Beginner previews on Sep-series, I’ve noticed the makeup is heavy. Scary-looking-heavy. Can’t wait to hear it though, since someone’s said “biggest selling single of the year” lol.

20 10 2010

I usually tend to watch them on Youtube but be aware that they’re deleted quite quickly. Another alternative is see them on Veoh.

It looks likely that AKB48 could occupy the Top 2 spots in the Oricon best selling singles of the year as Heavy Rotation is a whisker away from overtaking Arashi and I see Beginner selling extremely well.

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