Sayaka Scandal Fallout – She Quits As Team K Leader

15 10 2010

Team K has been rocked by the announcement made today by Sayaka that due to the recent scandal involving her, she’s stepping down as the leader of the team. She feels that she’s not worthy of the position anymore but one day would like the opportunity to regain her captaincy. Naturally the shock waves from this announcement has caused some sadness and bewilderment not only for fans but to AKB48 members as well. I feel she’s been too hasty in this decision. I understand that she perhaps wants to regain people’s trust but to relinquish being Captain is too much. I can’t imagine my favorite team without Sayaka as leader. Since the news has come out, a lot of fans have been sending messages of encouragement and support to Sayaka which is great. AKB48 fans are the best in the world! Thanks a lot Shukan Bunshun for doing this to her – you bunch of shits! The question on everybody’s lips now is who will take over as leader – some are saying that Ayaka Umeda is the new leader but I’m not sure if that’s been confirmed or not. I’d give it to Sayaka’s best friend Sae.

EDIT: Having digested the news last night and slept on it, I realise now that Sayaka’s announcement could have been a hell of a lot worse. She could have quit AKB48 altogether but thankfully she didn’t. To clear up some confusion, Sayaka’s resignation hasn’t been forced on her by anybody – not by management or Aki-P. This was purely her own decision. It was so heartwarming to hear about the AKB48 members that came into the ANN studio to support Sayaka.

I am absolutely certain that the roof of the AKB Theater will be blown off by the vocal support of the fans when Sayaka will be performing next with Team K there. The brilliant fans over at Stage 48 are going to be sending messages of love from all the foreign fans to her too which I think is just amazing. Sayaka isn’t alone going through this difficult time, we (the fans) will show her how much we care for her wellbeing.



6 responses

15 10 2010

Eh!! Well this is unfortunate. >.< As for next Team K captain, I think I agree with you on having Sae do it.

16 10 2010

For a second I thought she was gonna leave AKB as a whole!

17 10 2010

Sorry to disappoint you but as someone highly involved in the idol fandom over here in Japan, this wasn’t her decision. She was probably given the ultimatum of either fading into the back or losing her job completely. She is lucky they allowed her her job, regardless of what people think of the dating/having sex thing… though the age difference is just creepy.

Hopefully she won’t be completely pushed to the back like other idols have had done with scandals. A good example would be Kago Ai on her first scandal, she wasn’t kicked out but was put under house arrest then allowed only to work in the office – then messed up again.

17 10 2010

Why would AKB48 management give her an ultimatum because she hasn’t done anything wrong unlike Aibon. Sayaka is only guilty of being naive in letting an older man she’s working with come over to her apartment, watch a movie and letting him stay the night when he fell asleep unless you know more than the rest of us on this scandal?

18 10 2010

Who will believe the old man went into her house to give her acting advice? You can give advice over the phone, mail or even meet in a cafe. Why do you need to spend overnight at her place?

19 10 2010

I’m giving Sayaka the benefit of the doubt here. If she says he was in her apartment purely for work purposes only, they watched a movie but he fell asleep on her couch then so be it. She didn’t want to wake him up and after consulting with Ayaka Umeda who lives with her it was decided to let him sleep. I have no reason to believe she’s lying.

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