AKBingo 20th October 2010 Summary

21 10 2010

It’s yet another glorious episode of Muchaburi Dodgeball this week and it’s a belter of a show. You’ll know why after reading this summary. There’s a new Hyper Version of the Muchaburi machine which pops up the balls as well!

The teams are:

Red: Kitarie, Yuko, Kojima, Sumire, Akicha and Takamina
White: Tomochin, Mariko, Myao, Ooya, Ami Maeda and Mayuyu

The lineswomen are: Haruka Ishida and Rumi Yonezawa

The game begins and the first punishment will be an eating one. Surprisingly Tomochin is the first eliminated by Takamina who is ecstatic at this as she didn’t want to do this punishment. I never thought Tomochin would be eliminated so early in the game. So what does Tomochin have to eat? All is revealed as it’s a plate of what looks to me like caterpillars which makes everybody scream! Are they alive or dead – no, they’re dead all right! Tomochin is a bit reluctant but she takes one and bites it in half. She says it tastes like fried potato. She offers one of the caterpillars to Takamina who’s crouching down. She bites a very small piece off and also says it’s like potato!

It’s during the next punishment that features the funniest and main highlight of the episode for me. It’s a punishment done in a restaurant which is fairly crowded. There’s a clip of Chiyuu embarassing herself doing the “koma desu” routine a while ago. The game is back underway and revenge is sweet for Tomochin who duly gets rid of Takamina and she sure looks pleased about it. A vicious swipe to the side of the head for Takamina. What happens next is hilarious. Takamina armed with a fork and spoon is seen entering the restaurant looking around for some food. She plonks herself down on a chair on a table which has 2 women eating their meal. One is eating chicken and the other has some spaghetti. They’re ignoring Takamina completely and carrying on nattering to each other! Unreal! Takamina suddenly makes a grab for some spaghetti and eats it. The women don’t say a thing which I found unbelievable. If that happened to me I’d have asked “WTF are you doing?”. She tries to get a reaction from another table with a couple eating their meal. Takamina uses her fork and quite unashamedly picks what looked like a piece of steak and eats it before walking off. The look on the man’s face as Takamina took his meat was priceless!! OMG – Takamina you were frikkin awesome in this and I salute you. You really made me laugh hard watching you.

Before the game begins once more, the muchaburi machine makes the ball pop up high, it bounces off Kiyoto’s head before Sata catches it which made everybody laugh. Tomochin strikes again and eliminates Kitarie. I knew that Tomochin would have some kind of impact on this game. She whips that ball so hard. Kitarie has to do a transformation punishment but who will she be? When she turns around, Kitarie’s face has been turned into a Navi from the Avatar movie. Kitarie charges at the girls gawking at her which makes Yuko so scared she falls to the floor! So funny!

The next punishment is a new one and it involves a small bowl being strapped on somebody’s eyes. A couple of small balloons is hoisted high and the idea is to catch the balloons which are filled with water in the bowl without making them break. The bowl has some sharp edges on it to help break the balloon. There’s a demonstration to show how’s it done. It’s Shizuka Ooya that’s eliminated after lineswoman Haruka Ishida insults and calls her an “obasan” whilst pulling a silly face. Ooya’s balloon bounces off the bowl without breaking so this was quite a poor punishment and I don’t see this one returning in future episodes.

Ami Maeda is out after being hit in the privates by Kitarie. Her punishment is to avoid Kiyoto swinging a rubber sword at her legs by jumping out of the way but she can’t do it and is whacked hard by him!!

A massage with a difference is the punishment on the cards as Mariko is downed by Akicha. A woman comes into the studio and demonstrates with Kiyoto her back/neck stretching massage. Looks painful and Kiyoto isn’t that happy either. Now it’s Mariko’s turn as she’s made to lie down on her stomach. The woman places her hands under Mariko’s chin and pulls her back upwards (sort of like a camel clutch wrestling hold). I thought Mariko was going to cry but she seemed to enjoy it. She does another routine which really stretches Mariko’s spine. Ouch! Mariko though was cool about it.

The final punishment is another eating one with the meal done by the show’s AD. Mayuyu comments that she hates him after the cosplay race in a previous episode which saw the AD as Black iNaBA make Mayu cry in frustration. Sumire gets eliminated by Myao. What does Sumire have to eat? It looks like a pudding immersed in some rice. Apparently it’s Caramel Rice. It looks disgusting but the AD says it’s nice. Sumire doesn’t seem to like it one bit. As Chiyuu is the AD’s oshimen, she’s dragged on to try it as well. She says it’s delicious but the look on her face says differently!!

The game is over and the Reds has 3 players left (Yuko, Kojima, Akicha) to the Whites that have 2 (Myao, Mayu) so the Reds win! The MVP chosen by the AD is Chiyuu who didn’t even take part in the actual game!

After the news, comes a live studio performance of Beginner with Tomochin taking center stage.

This was such a great episode thanks to Takamina. I love that girl. Next week – more Battle Burger Shop



4 responses

21 10 2010

Ah Takamina so much win!

21 10 2010

Takamina is so awesome. I look forward to these episodes mainly for her. XD Felt bad for her because that is really embarrassing. Poor Maeda Ami though… seriously first she gets hit by the ball and then she gets hit again as punishment.

24 10 2010

I love Takamina.. However I think her punishment was staged… somewhat..

24 10 2010

You think perhaps that all the people in the restaurant were actors?

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