Top 5 SKE48 Members – October 2010

24 10 2010

I did my Top 5 AKB48 members recently so here’s my Top 5 SKE48 members now. There will be one for SDN48 members coming up soon as well.

5. Shiori Ogiso (Team KII)
Shiorin is probably the prettiest girl in Team KII – so beautiful. Her charm point is apparently her small face. She’s got such a sweet voice. It’s only a matter of time before she’s given a push to become one of the front girls.

4. Akane Takayanagi (Team KII)
When I first watched Team KII it was Akane that stood out the most for me. One of the team’s front girls and she’s cool & cute. Such a crazy girl with a nice smile. Perhaps they could get Akane and her equivalent in AKB48 (Yuko) to get together for a day and see what kind of antics they could get up to!

3. Kumi Yagami (Team S)
Kuumin has to be one of the best performers in Team S who gives it her all and uses a lot of high energy. She’s also got a great voice to boot. She was so awesome in the 2009 Nemousu SP in Australia which made me even more of a fan of her.

2. Jurina Matsui (Team S)
I really don’t understand how anybody can hate this wonderful young girl as she’s great but apparently there’s a lot of Jurina haters out there and all because she was stealing the spotlight from some AKB48 members in their PV’s. Right from the get-go when she came onto the idol scene, her infectious smile has made me realise one thing – this is a young girl who enjoys her job very much. You can see from everything she does that she’s got a smile on her face. She’s still only 13 years old but very mature for her age. Incredibly talented with a brilliant voice – Jurina is quite rightly the “ace” of SKE48 for a reason and deserves to be the center in the team and their singles.

1. Rena Matsui (Team S)
I didn’t really take any notice of Rena in SKE48 until Majisuka Gakuen when her role as the demented psycho Gekikara made a lot of heads turn including myself. I totally fell in love with her after that and realised what a great performer she is. Rena is another girl who deserves to be a front girl in Team S. She’s a fun girl, very beautiful and such a pleasure to watch when she’s performing and we all know she came out on top in the SKE48 Request Hour Set List Best 30 2010 with her solo song “Kareha no Station”.



2 responses

24 10 2010

I agree with your top 4, but that’s only because I don’t know much of the members in SKE48. XD Actually I have to be honest, I didn’t really like Jurina that much at first either. I think I didn’t like her competitiveness or something (memories of childhood basketball games… but anyway). After watching her interactions with other members SKE and AKB, I’ve come to like her much more. XD She’s definitely mature for her age, but sometimes she still acts like a kid which is adorkable. XD

8 12 2010

Shiorin is definitely the prettiest girl in SKE and in the world…!
Akane is so lovely…

I love 4 & 5 of your ranking top…!

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