AKB48 Beginner 3rd Day Sales – It’s Official! Highest Selling 2010 Single!

29 10 2010

It only took them 3 days but finally AKB48 overtook Arashi at the top of the pile and became the highest selling single of the year. There was another dip in sales figures today- they sold 61,863 copies to bring the overall total at 742,109. I think 800k at the end of the first week looks possible now. Well done AKB48!!

I finally had a chance last night to look at the censored Beginner PV. I couldn’t look at it on Tuesday and Wednesday due to Youko’s region lock which I found pretty annoying but I managed to find another alternative. I loved the PV itself. OK, so it’s a bit violent but as other fans have pointed out AKB48’s target audience isn’t kids so I don’t agree that changing the PV was a wise idea in the end. They should have stuck with it.



2 responses

29 10 2010

Majisuka Gakuen was was more violent than the beginner PV.

30 10 2010

It sure was and I didn’t hear anybody complain about that.

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